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Sunflower seed pretreatment equipment

August 27, 2021

Before sunflower oil production, sunflower seeds need to be pre-treated. Pretreatment can remove various impurities in sunflower seeds, and at the same time regulate the moisture, temperature and cell structure inside sunflower seeds, so that the efficiency of the sunflower oil production process can be improved.


sunflower oil


The general process of sunflower seed pretreatment is:

Cleaning - peeling - rolling embryo - steaming and frying


The purpose of cleaning is to remove impurities in sunflower seeds. Choose different equipment to deal with according to the different characteristics of impurities. Generally used equipment includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen, and specific gravity stone removing machine.

The magnetic separator is used to clean the metal impurities in sunflower seeds. The vibrating screen can remove impurities that are very different from the size of sunflower seeds, and the impurities that the specific gravity stoner can remove are about the same size as sunflower seeds. After cleaning, the impurities in sunflower seeds are removed.

The shell of sunflower seeds has a very low oil content, and at the same time it will absorb sunflower oil, increasing the loss during the production of sunflower oil. Therefore, a peeling machine is needed to remove the shells of sunflower seeds.


sunflower oil


The embryo rolling machine presses sunflower seeds into thin slices to complete the embryo rolling process. After embryo rolling, the cell tissue of sunflower seeds is destroyed, and sunflower oil is more likely to flow out.

The sunflower seed pretreatment steaming and frying section uses a steamer to change the internal structure of sunflower seeds and improve the quality of sunflower oil.

This is a complete set of equipment for sunflower seed pretreatment. Of course, Zhongxing's engineers can also equip you with suitable sunflower seed pretreatment equipment according to your requirements and the quality of sunflower seeds. If you have related needs, please come to consult. I believe our engineers will give you a satisfactory answer.