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Linseed pretreatment equipment

August 27, 2021

Before the production of linseed oil, it is necessary to pre-treat the linseed. The pretreatment of linseed includes cleaning, crushing, rolling and steaming. Oil pretreatment equipment includes cleaning equipment, crusher, embryo rolling machine and steaming pan.


linseed oil


Flaxseed pretreatment process:

1. Clean up

Use magnetic separator, vibrating screen, specific gravity stone remover and other cleaning equipment to remove impurities in linseed. After the cleaning is completed, the loss of the linseed production equipment caused by impurities can be avoided, and the service life of the linseed production equipment can be prolonged.

2. Broken

Crushing is the process of reducing the size of flaxseed by mechanical force. After crushing, the surface area of ​​the flaxseed increases, which is beneficial to the transfer of temperature and moisture in the subsequent sections, and the effect of the pretreatment is better.

3. Rolling embryo

The process by which the flaxseed is transformed from grain to flake is called embryo rolling. Embryo rolling can destroy the cell tissue of linseed, increase the surface area of ​​the oil, speed up the flow of linseed oil, and help improve the efficiency of linseed oil production.

4. Steam and stir fry

The purpose of steaming and frying is to change the internal structure of linseed, so that the oil can accumulate, the linseed oil can be fully prepared and taken out, and the quality of the crude oil is also improved.

After the pretreatment, the impurities of the linseed are removed, and the temperature and moisture are adjusted to a state suitable for the production of linseed oil, so that you can get more linseed oil and get more profits. If you need linseed pretreatment equipment, you can contact Henan Zhongxing, I believe you will have a good harvest.