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Soybean pretreatment equipment

August 27, 2021

Soybean pretreatment equipment is composed of a series of equipment, including cleaning equipment, crushing equipment, softening equipment, embryo rolling equipment, steaming equipment and so on. Soybean pretreatment is an important part of the soybean oil production process, which not only improves the quality of raw materials, but also speeds up soybean oil production.




1. Clean up equipment

There are 3 types of cleaning equipment used for soybean pretreatment: magnetic separator, cleaning sieve and stone remover. They can remove different kinds of impurities. The magnetic separator uses the principle of magnet adsorption to remove iron filings and impurities; the cleaning sieve uses differences in quality to remove impurities such as pods and mud; the stone remover uses different densities to separate soybeans from stones.

The cleaning equipment not only improves the cleanliness of the raw material (soy), but also reasonably avoids the abrasion and damage of impurities to the subsequent equipment. It is an important part of the soybean pretreatment process. 

2. Crushing equipment

The commonly used crushing equipment in the soybean oil production process is a double-toothed roller crusher. The purpose of crushing is to separate the whole soybean into multiple petals, increase its contact area, and facilitate the subsequent embryo rolling work.

 Crushing equipment

3. Softening equipment

The purpose of softening is to adjust the temperature and moisture of soybeans, increase its ductility, and make it more suitable for the subsequent rolling process. In addition, soybean itself is relatively hard and has a relatively low oil content. If the embryo is directly rolled without softening, a large amount of powder will be produced, which will affect the subsequent process.

4. Embryo rolling equipment

Embryo rolling is the rolling of softened soybeans into thin slices. The cell walls of soybeans are destroyed during the process, which is beneficial to the subsequent puffing process or steaming process to adjust the temperature and moisture of soybeans, making it easier to produce oil and speeding up the soybean oil yield.

5. Puffing equipment or steaming equipment

If the soybean oil is made directly by the leaching method, then the puffing leaching method is usually used. The puffing machine processes soybeans into a porous structure of small cylindrical material, which is beneficial to improve the effect of solvent leaching.

If a pressing method or a common leaching method is used, a multi-layer steaming and frying pan is used to adjust the temperature and moisture of soybeans to make them suitable for the required conditions, which is conducive to obtaining soybean oil.


Puffing equipment  


In general, how to choose soybean pretreatment equipment and how to design the process still needs to be designed according to the specific needs of customers and the requirements for refined oil. Henan Zhongxing has an experienced team of engineers who can design large, medium and small soybean pretreatment and squeezing production lines or soybean pretreatment and leaching production lines with a processing capacity of more than 30 tons/day. In addition, we also provide 1-1000 tons/day soybean oil refining equipment. Regardless of whether you want to buy equipment to build a factory or to transform an old factory, Henan Zhongxing welcomes you to contact us and visit the company and the factory!