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Solvent recovery system

August 26, 2021

The solvent recovery system is an integral part of the leaching process. Recovery of the solvent in the leaching process can achieve the purpose of recycling and production safety, and at the same time make the waste water and tail gas meet the emission standards. Generally speaking, the solvent recovery system of the leaching workshop mainly achieves the purpose of recovery through five stages of condensation, water separation, cooking, solvent turnover and tail gas treatment.


Solvent recovery system


Condensation is mainly through the condenser to change the solvent from gas to liquid. All the solvent vapor evaporated by the evaporator, the mixed vapor from the evaporator and the stripper, and the free gas discharged from the system equipment can be condensed into liquid and then recycled. The solvent vapor cooled by the condenser will turn into a liquid solvent and enter the solvent turnover tank for recycling. The mixed gas will become a mixed liquid after the condenser is processed, that is, a mixture of water and solvent.


Solvent recovery system


Then, the mixed liquid enters the water separator, using the different specific gravities of the solvent and water, and separating the solvent and water by standing for stratification and separately draining the water separator. The waste water coming out of the water separator enters the water distilling tank, and then is heated to 92-94°C by indirect steam, so that the solvent remaining in the waste water evaporates, and then is condensed and recycled. The waste water also meets the discharge standard.

Next is exhaust gas treatment. Exhaust gas is the non-condensable gas discharged from various equipment, and is also called "only gas". It mainly includes air, solvent vapor and a small amount of water vapor. Generally speaking, we use liquid wax (or vegetable oil) to absorb the tail gas treatment method to recover the solvent in the tail gas, so that the solvent recovery rate can reach 90%-95%, and the tail gas can meet the emission standard.

The solvent is recycled through the recovery system, which can reduce the cost of leaching. If you want to start an edible oil leaching project, please feel free to contact Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhongxing’s engineers will design the corresponding leaching process and equip a complete set of leaching equipment for you according to your needs.