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Mixed oil treatment system

August 26, 2021

The oil obtained from the extractor in the edible oil extraction system is a mixture of crude oil and solvent, and the concentration is generally 10%-40%. In order to obtain crude oil, we need to process the mixed oil and steam off the solvent in the mixed oil. This process is called the mixed oil treatment process.


Mixed oil treatment system


According to the characteristics that the solvent and the grease are mutually soluble and the boiling points of the two are very different, the mixed oil treatment is mainly to remove the residual solvent in the crude oil through the evaporation system. The evaporation system mainly uses evaporation and stripping processes to achieve the purpose of desolventization. The equipment used in the evaporation system is mainly the d evaporator and the second evaporator, and the main equipment of the stripping part is the stripper.

The mixed oil after leaching generally contains 0.5%-1.5% of meal powder and cake crumbs, but the impurity content is required to be less than 0.2%, so we must filter the mixed oil first to remove the meal powder and cake crumbs in the oil. After preheating, the mixed oil enters the d evaporator, and most of the solvent is removed by evaporation, so that the concentration reaches 60%-70%. Then the mixed oil enters the second evaporator to evaporate, so that the concentration reaches 90%-95%. The oil at this time is a thick mixed oil. In this process, we use indirect steam to heat the mixed oil.

Next, the concentrated mixed oil enters the stripper. A small amount of direct steam is introduced to reduce the boiling point and partial pressure of the gas phase when the solvent is vaporized, so that the residual solvent in the mixed oil evaporates. As the solvent is evaporated, the purpose of desolventization has been achieved. The concentration of the stripped crude oil is close to 100%, which meets the requirements of the residual solubility index in the crude oil.

The crude oil after desolvation enters the crude oil tank and can be further processed according to your needs. The solvent will enter the solvent recovery system for recycling. This is the general process of the mixed oil treatment system. If you have a requirement for edible oil extraction equipment, please feel free to contact us.