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Wet meal desolventizing system

August 26, 2021

The meal obtained from the edible oil leaching system is often called wet meal, which generally contains 23%-45% of the solvent and needs to go through the wet meal desolventization process. The purpose is: 1. Recover organic solvents to obtain meal meeting the solvent residue standard; 2. Reasonably destroy various harmful substances and anti-nutritional factors in meal, and improve the use value of meal.

There are three methods for desolventizing wet meal: mechanical extrusion method, thermal method, and a combination of the two methods. At present, the thermal method is more commonly used, that is, the use of DTDC (Desolventizer Toaster Dryer Cooler) to volatilize the organic solvent through direct steam heating, and then the moisture in the cake is dried to obtain a dry and consistent solvent residue. Standard meal, and the solvent is recycled and reused.


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In the wet meal desolventization system, it is necessary to strictly control various process operations, such as operating temperature, desolventizing time, steam pressure, and jet volume. In order to make the quality of the finished meal meet the requirements, it is necessary to do a test every 4 hours, and take two samples each time. If it is unqualified, the operating conditions must be adjusted immediately to ensure the normal operation of the meal scraper and the wet meal auger. If blockage occurs, timely exclude.

The wet trap spray in the wet meal desolventizing system requires stable operation, regular cleaning and slagging to prevent pipeline blockage.

Pay attention to and adjust the material level of each layer in the steaming machine at any time, especially pay attention to the change of the material level of the main desolventizing section, this part often directly affects the desolventizing effect.

Regularly check and analyze the quality of the finished meal, including the moisture index, residual solubility index and appearance quality, so that the wet meal is processed by the desolventizing system to obtain high-quality meal, and the solvent index also meets the national requirements.

The wet meal desolventizing system needs to be checked regularly to ensure a good desolventizing effect. Henan Zhongxing's engineers will provide operation training services for their customers, so that the customer's operators can master the work process and rules of the extraction workshop. If you also have needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.