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Edible oil extraction system

August 26, 2021

The edible oil extraction system is the first part of the edible oil extraction workshop. The pretreated or squeezed cake is sent to the extractor by the conveying equipment, fully contacted with the organic solvent, and soaked for a period of time, and the oil is replaced from the cake by the principle of the compatibility of the organic solvent and the fat. The wet meal and mixed oil obtained after the replacement are sent to other systems in the extraction plant to continue processing.


Flat-rotation extractor


The key equipment in the edible oil extraction system is the extractor. There are four common extractors: flat-rotation extractor, ring extractor, drag chain extractor and tank group extractor.

At present, the flat-rotation extractor is commonly used in the industry, which is easy to operate, has a small area, and is suitable for medium-sized output; the ring-shaped extractor is suitable for larger output; the drag chain type extractor has high production loss and large area, so it is currently used. Fewer; the tank extractor is an old-fashioned and simpler extraction equipment, which has gradually been eliminated by the market. Henan Zhongxing's engineers can equip you with a suitable extractor according to your output and needs.


Ring extractor


The edible oil leaching workshop is divided into four systems. In addition to the edible oil leaching system, there is also a wet meal desolventizing system to treat wet meal, a mixed oil treatment system to separate crude oil and solvent, and a solvent recovery system to recover the solvent in the entire workshop. For recycling. The entire edible oil extraction workshop is a closed whole, with high production efficiency, but a safe production environment is required. If you have other questions about edible oil leaching, or you need edible oil leaching equipment, please leave us a message below and we will reply you within 24 hours.