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Edible oil extraction process

August 26, 2021

Leaching is a process of obtaining oil from processed oils or pressed cakes using the principle of dissolving organic solvents and edible oils. The organic solvent is brought into contact with the processed oil or the pressed cake. After soaking for a period of time, the edible oil is dissolved in the solvent to form a mixed oil. The mixed oil is evaporated and stripped using the difference in boiling points of the edible oil and the solvent. The solvent vaporizes to obtain edible oil. The solvent gas enters the condenser through the pipeline, and is recovered and recycled.


Edible oil extraction equipment


The leaching process mainly includes four parts: the edible oil leaching system, the wet meal desolventizing system, the mixed oil processing system, and the solvent recovery system.

1. Edible oil extraction system:

The raw material or pre-pressed cake formed from the processed oil is sent to the extractor by the conveying equipment, and two products are obtained after being leached by the solvent. One part is a mixture of solvent and oil, called mixed oil. The other part is a mixture of solvent and meal, called wet meal.

2. Wet meal desolventizing system:

The meal discharged from the extractor contains 25% to 35% solvent. In order to recover these solvents and obtain better quality meal, the wet meal must be transported to the wet meal desolventization system, that is, the D.T.D.C. system. After evaporation, the solvent is separated from the meal. The obtained dry meal can be processed into animal feed and sold on the market. The solvent is recycled in the leaching workshop after being condensed and recovered.

3. Mixed oil treatment system:

This part separates the solvent from the oil through two evaporations and steam stripping. Then, the leached oil is pumped into the oil tank, and the solvent is recycled and reused.

4. Solvent recovery system:

The solvent separated from the wet meal desolventization system and the mixed oil treatment system is cooled and recovered, and recycled in the leaching workshop. The condensation recovery of the solvent reduces the solvent loss in the leaching section.


 Edible oil extraction equipment


The main equipment used in the leaching process are: extractor, evaporator, condenser, long tube evaporator, stripper, absorption tower, scraper conveyor, sealed auger, etc.

The oil yield during the leaching process of edible oil is higher than 94%, and the residual oil content in the meal is lower than 1%. During the leaching process, the degree of denaturation of the protein in the meal is small, which is conducive to the reprocessing and use of the meal.

The edible oil extraction process has the characteristics of high continuity and automation. Edible oil has high leaching efficiency and low energy consumption, which will reduce the cost of edible oil production.

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