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Palm oil fractionation process

August 25, 2021

Palm oil fractionation is an important step in the deep processing of palm oil. Palm oil fractionation process can be used to obtain palm oil products with different melting points of 8, 10, 14, 18, 24, 33, 44, 55 degrees, etc., which can increase the value of oil products and increase palm oil production The economic benefits of the business.


 Palm oil


The new palm oil separation equipment produced by Henan Zhongxing includes new crystal tanks, crystal tanks, membrane filters and automatic control systems. The comprehensive utilization of these equipments can reasonably speed up the yield of palm stearin and the purity of palm stearin.

Palm oil fractionation process:

Refined palm oil → heating section → crystallization section → filtration section → palm soft fat + palm stearin


Palm oil separation equipment


1. Heating

Palm oil is a semi-solid state at room temperature, and its saturated acid and unsaturated acid each account for about 50%. The triglyceride composition is GS3 accounting for 8%-10%, GS2U accounting for 48%, and GSU2 accounting for 35%-39%. , GU3 accounts for 7% to 7.5%. The composition of palm oil determines its special crystallization process. Under normal circumstances, we use steam to heat the refined palm oil to dissolve it into a liquid state, and generally continue to heat the palm oil to about 70°C before crystallization to destroy the entire existing crystals.

2. Cooling and crystallization

Cooling crystallization is an important step in the palm oil fractionation process. If the crystallization is successful, the separation is easy. Therefore, the design of the crystallizer is particularly important. Different types of crystallizers should have their own cooling exchange surface, cooling system and stirring structure characteristics. In the process of processing, the cooling crystallization conditions will determine the number of crystals and the size of the crystals. Only by reasonably controlling the crystallization time and crystallization rate can stable, uniform and filterable crystals be produced. The specific operation is to control the cooling process by setting the temperature difference between the oil and the cooling water and the cooling time under the state of stirring and circulating the cooling water, forming a crystal nucleus and gradually becoming larger. When the required temperature is reached (depending on the desired quality of soft fat, generally 20°C), stop cooling.

3. Filter

Although it is important to control the cooling and crystallization conditions, the selection of filter equipment also has a significant impact on the yield of liquid oil. At present, there are several kinds of filtration systems used in industry: rotary drum filter, continuous belt vacuum filter and diaphragm filter. In the past ten years, diaphragm filters have been widely used. Compared with the continuous belt vacuum filter and the drum filter, the diaphragm filter has a higher yield of soft fat (70% to 75%), and the hardness of the hard fat is larger, while the other two The yield of soft fat separated by this filter is generally only 65%.


Palm oil separation equipment


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