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Brief introduction to the process of squeezing August melon seed oil by oil press

August 31, 2021

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1. Can I squeeze oil from August melon seeds?

Yes. August melon is also called: beef cashew nut, dog kidney, August fried, September fried, Tongcao fruit, etc. August melon is grown in southern China, such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangxi and Tibet. Southeast. The flesh of August melon is milky white, has a smooth taste and a sweet taste. It has a unique fragrance that is different from other fruits. The nutrient and chemical components of the fruit need to be determined. The seeds can be edible by squeezing oil. In addition to fresh food, the fruit can also be used for brewing, making fruit pulp and beverages. In August, the squeezed oil rate of melon seeds is about 35%~40%.

2. How to squeeze oil from melon seeds in August?

The production process of melon seed oil in August is divided into three types: hot pressing with oil press, cold pressing and supercritical extraction. The oil press equipment manufacturer Henan Zhongxing Machinery recommends the oil pressing method. The press pressing method has oil The advantages of good quality and low equipment cost;

3. Process for pressing August melon seed oil by oil press

Cold pressing: cleaning, screening, crushing, hydraulic oil press, filtering, oil refining equipment to remove impurities, finished August melon seed oil

Hot pressing: cleaning, screening, crushing, steaming and frying, screw oil press, filtration, impurity removal from refined oil equipment, finished August melon seed oil

The August melon oil processed by the hot pressing process has a fruity aroma.

The above is the oil press equipment manufacturer's question on whether the August melon seeds can press oil? How to squeeze oil from melon seeds in August? Introduction to the process of squeezing August melon seed oil with oil press. Welcome to contact us to learn more about oil presses.