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How much oil can 100kg peanuts squeeze?

August 31, 2021

How much oil can 100kg peanuts squeeze? There is a good saying, "One kg of flax can squeeze about 0.33 kg of oil, and one kg of rapeseed can squeeze about 0.43 kg of oil. It is still a good deal for peanuts, and one kg of oil can squeeze 0.45 kg of oil." Among them, peanuts have the highest oil yield.

One kilogram of peanuts can squeeze at least 0.45kg of oil, so 100kg of peanuts can squeeze about 45kg of oil. The peanut varieties are different, and the peanuts grown in different places are not the same, and the oil yield cannot be the same. Roughly an average of 45kg is normal. The removal of impurities after filtration is 41-43kg, which is also within the normal range.


Oil press equipment


Factors influencing peanut oil extraction rate

1. Peanuts are divided into: red-coated soybeans and adzuki beans, white-coated soybeans and adzuki beans. Of course, the oil yield of soybeans is definitely higher than that of adzuki beans.

2. Selection and control of oil extraction technology. There are several hot pressing and cold pressing methods for oil extraction. If hot pressing (ie heat treatment) is used for peanuts, 50 kg of oil can be extracted from 100 kg of peanuts, and the remaining oil residue is about 45 kg. ; If peanuts are cold pressed, 100kg of peanuts can produce up to 45kg of oil and 45kg of oil residue, and the rest is evaporation of water. The above general estimates refer to peanuts with full grains and no rotten deterioration.

3. The control of the filtering equipment is also an important link. If the control is not good, the oil residue can not be filtered cleanly, and the oil in the oil residue cannot flow out, so the filtration also greatly affects the oil yield.

The above is about the introduction of 100kg peanut oil pressing