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What happens if the snails of the oil press are severely worn? How to disassemble and install the screw press?

August 31, 2021

The screw press is one of the very important parts in the screw press. Its main function is to provide pressure and propulsion during the oil extraction process of the equipment. If the snails are slightly damaged, the oil output rate of the equipment will decrease, and the residual oil rate of the oil cake will increase, which will cause the equipment to fail the normal pressing work.


Screw oil press equipment


1. Causes of damage to snails

The damage of the snails is generally caused by the accumulated friction of the equipment during the pressing work for a long time. The direct damage of the equipment is mostly caused by the hard impurities in the oil during the pressing process.

2. How to tell whether the pressed snails need to be replaced?

Many oil press manufacturers have found that the snails are still in use after they are damaged. This is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of snail pressing. So, to what extent do the snails need to be replaced after they are worn out?

The more serious parts of screw wear are thread wear and pressure rod wear, which will reduce the pressure in the pressure chamber. Under normal circumstances, as long as the snail wear reaches two millimeters, it needs to be replaced and used, and the wear on both sides of the new snail needs to be replaced. The life of the snails is generally calculated based on the amount of processed oil. On average, snails with good quality can squeeze 380-480 kilograms of oil crops.


Worn snails


3. How to replace the snails of the screw press?

 So how do we replace the damaged snails?

(1) The method of dismantling the screw of the oil press: immediately move the handle after the machine stops, pull the press shaft out of the press chamber, and remove the protective cap, the garden nut, the bearing and the adjusting bolt. Insert a 16-diameter iron rod into the hole of the lock nut and rotate it counterclockwise. After the lock nut is removed, each section of the screw can be removed. If the snails are difficult to unload, they can be unloaded after heating with wood fire.

(2) Installation of the squeezing screw of the oil press: stand the squeezing screw up with the thin end up, and then install the slag tip and the squeezing screw on the shaft according to the order of the row number. Install the asbestos gasket, and then lock it with a lock nut. Tighten the screw to prevent oil residue from penetrating into the screw hole and affect the disassembly of the screw. Then install the bearing and adjusting bolt. After the screw is assembled as a whole, use two nuts to tighten it. Pay attention to the clearance of the bearing when tightening the screw. Move the brick adjustment bolts by hand, and move to flexible when moved.

 As the core component of the entire oil pressing equipment, you must pay attention to the quality of the snails and the after-sales maintenance service after the parts are damaged when selecting the oil pressing equipment. Hidden components such as snails need a long time to be discovered. Nowadays, the types and sizes of snails pressed by different manufacturers are still very different. Only the original parts of the manufacturer can guarantee the better production and operation of the equipment during the working process.