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Crushing of soybean meal and key points of operation

July 28, 2021

1. The concept of soybean meal grading and crushing

After DT desolventization and DC drying and cooling, the soybean meal is transported to the pretreatment workshop by conveying equipment. First, it enters the soybean meal coarse crusher to coarsely pulverize the large soybean meal. The coarsely crushed soybean meal enters the soybean meal grading sieve for screening and classification, and the coarse soybean meal is screened. Into the crushing process of soybean meal crusher.




2. Soybean meal coarse crusher

After drying and cooling, the soybean meal is firstly selected by a static sieve with a 4-5mm aperture, and the oversieve enters the coarse crusher for primary crushing. The coarse crusher coarsely crushes the large-particle soybean meal through the agitation of the toothed rod and the filtration of the screen to reduce the load of the crusher and ensure the smooth feeding of the grading screen and the crusher.

Some factories place the coarse crusher in front of the DC, and the large wet soybean meal is coarsely crushed and then enters the DC to facilitate uniform dehumidification of the wet meal.


soybean meal


3. Soybean meal grading sieve and its use

The grain size of soybean meal after coarse crushing treatment still does not meet the market demand, so it needs to be further finely crushed. The function of the soybean meal grading screen is to classify the soybean meal with uneven particle size. The fine soybean meal leaks from the screen and is directly used as the finished soybean meal, and the coarse soybean meal is intercepted by the screen and sent to the pulverizer for crushing.

Both the plane rotary screen and the vibrating screen can be used as a grading screen, and the screen hole diameter is generally controlled at 6-7mm.

4. Soybean meal crusher and its use

Soybean meal grading sieve—the coarse-grained soybean meal is continuously fed into the crusher after entering the soybean meal feeding box. It is also magnetically separated by a magnetic separator like the soybean hull crusher to prevent iron impurities from entering the crusher and destroying the screen. The hammer piece touches and produces sparks and causes a fire accident.

The screen aperture of soybean meal crusher is generally controlled at about 8-12mm according to market requirements.


Soybean meal


5. Operational control requirements

(1) Check the discharging particle size of the coarse crusher to prevent the coarse crushing teeth from breaking and the deformation and fracture of the coarse crushing screen, which may cause large particles to enter the grading screen and crusher to affect its feeding.

(2) Regularly check the meal under the soybean meal grading sieve and the output of the soybean meal pulverizer to ensure that the screen is not damaged and the output particle size is appropriate.

(3) Control the feeding of the grading screen. The feeding pipe is always full, indicating that the feed amount is too large or the grading screen is blocked at the sieving plate and needs to be cleaned.

(4) Open the rubber cover on the top of the grading screen to check the grading effect. The poor grading effect may cause the screen to be blocked.

(5) Regularly check the integrity of each layer of the grading screen.

(6) The feed valve of the soybean meal crusher is easily overloaded and tripped after being jammed by foreign matter. Before turning the feeding motor or prying the feeding rotary valve with a crowbar, ensure that the feeding motor is powered off and locked.


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