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Study on the beany flavor in soy products

July 28, 2021

 During the processing of soy products, the beany flavor produced by it is an indispensable ingredient, but many people don’t like the feeling of the beany flavor. With the development of the soy product industry, more and more technologies may remove it. Bey odor, but combined with the characteristics of food safety, we still carefully analyze the method to remove bey odor.




1. Soaking soybeans. At this stage, the soybeans absorb water and expand. At this time, they already have a big beany flavor. However, the soybean product industry currently does not carry out deodorization in this step. This process pays attention to controlling the soaking time, the shorter the soaking time, the lighter the taste.

2. Refining: Generally, there is no deodorization process or additives in this process, so the control should be as fast as possible.

3. Boiling pulp: This process is very important for removing fishy. Be sure to boil the slurry thoroughly and stir constantly. This is the main process to destroy the action of lipoxygenase. The cooking time is a little longer, but not too long. Soy milk is just cooked, and then cooking for too long will cause the loss of nutrients.

4. In addition, some flavors and essences are used to flavor: add some sugar or honey, milk or milk powder, fruit flavors, etc. to increase the taste.


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