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Drag chain extractor of leaching equipment

September 07, 2021

1. Structure and working principle of drag chain extractor

Drag chain extractor is also called drag chain scraper type extractor, also called chain belt type extractor. It integrates the advantages of ring-shaped and crawler-type extractors. It is a high-efficiency large-scale

Type extractor.

It is mainly composed of material sealing auger, material level automatic control device, main body shell, upper and lower oil collection, upper and lower fixed grid bottom plate, winged rake chain belt (2-4), transmission system, mixed oil circulation pump, spray

It is composed of a head, a meal auger, two baffles at the discharge end, a comb bar, and a suspension separator group.

When working, the material embryos are fed into the storage box quantitatively by the material sealing screw auger, and a certain material level is formed by the material level controller. Then the finned chain will form a material bed with a certain height of 0.5-1.3m.

The internal friction of the material slides forward on the bottom plate of the fixed grid. Complete the whole process of countercurrent and percolation leaching.

When the material embryo enters the lower layer from the upper layer, it is turned over once, and there is a rotating comb bar at the meal outlet end to make the material embryo loosen and enter the meal out auger smoothly. There are 3 oil collecting hoppers on the upper and lower parts.

Spraying and self-circulation are carried out at the same time; a fresh solvent spray head is installed on the bottom plate of the end grid at the bottom of the meal outlet; finally, the concentrated mixed oil is drawn from the upper oil hopper, pumped into the suspension separator and then filtered and separated.

Go to the mixed oil evaporation system.


Drag chain extractor of leaching equipment


2. Economic and technical indicators of drag chain leaching equipment (take 500T/D as an example, the following parameters are for reference only):

Steam consumption ≤280kg/t material (soybean)

Installed capacity 320KW

Solvent consumption ≤4kg/t material (6# solvent)

Meal residual oil ≤1.0%

Meal moisture 12-13% (adjustable)

Meal content ≤500ppm

Urease activity 0.05-0.25 (soybean meal)

Leaching crude oil

Total volatile matter≤0.30%

Residual solution≤300ppm

Mechanical impurities≤0.20%


Drag chain extractor of leaching equipment


3. Application features of drag chain extractor:

(1) The height of the material layer can be adjusted at any time during the production process.

(2) The fixed grid bottom plate made of special steel can automatically clean up when the mixed oil passes through.

(3) Double-layer flip leaching is adopted, with high leaching efficiency and large production flexibility, which can be adapted to the leaching of a variety of flake, powder and granular blanks and pre-pressed cakes with even high moisture content.