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Horizontal rotation extractor of leaching equipment

September 07, 2021

1. The structure and working principle of the horizontal rotation extractor

The shape of the pan-rotating extractor is a large cylindrical shell with a rotating body composed of two large and small concentric cylinders. The center of the rotating body is supported by a vertical rotating shaft and divided into 18 fan-shaped grids by a partition, which is the so-called "leaching grid".

The horizontal section of the leaching grid is fan-shaped, and the area of ​​the lower end is larger than the upper end. The bottom of each leaching grid is equipped with an active bottom plate covered with a stainless steel filter to form a cavity for storing the leaching material embryos. One side of this movable false bottom is connected with the material grid partition by a hinge, which can rotate around the hinge axis. The other side is equipped with oil rollers. The rollers can roll on the inner and outer tracks. The loop completes one leaching cycle.


Horizontal rotation extractor of leaching equipment


The track is fixed around the shell and the bottom of the inner cylinder. When the roller rolls to the half grid in front of the meal outlet, it slowly sinks along the track and then immediately disconnects. The urban support makes one side of the false bottom disengaged and hangs under the leaching grid. Space is the so-called "open door". In this place, the wet meal in the leaching grid is removed from the inlet and outlet by the double screw auger and sent out of the machine. Then the false bottom roller continues to gradually rise along the track until it becomes level, and the false bottom closes with the bottom of the material grid again, which is called "closing the door".

The top of the extractor is equipped with a feed sealing auger. The mixing oil spray pipe on the material grid is fixed at the corresponding position around the shell. The lower part of the shell is equipped with a number of oil collecting hoppers and a discharge port. The oil hopper is equipped with a tent filter.


Horizontal rotation extractor of leaching equipment


2. Main economic and technical indicators of the flat-rotation extractor (take 300T soybean extraction as an example):

Production capacity T/D: 300 tons/day

Meal residual oil% ≤1 (soybean)

Solvent consumption kg/T material ≤2 (No. 6 solvent oil)

Crude oil moisture and volatile matter% ≤0.30

Power consumption KWh/T material ≤15

Steam consumption KG/T material ≤280 (0.8MPa)

Moisture of finished meal% ≤13 (adjustable)

Residual solution of finished meal ≤300PPM (qualified in detonation test)