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Eight steps of cottonseed oil press for cottonseed oil

September 27, 2021

cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil is the oil squeezed from cottonseeds, which can be divided into pressed cottonseed oil, leached cottonseed oil, genetically modified cottonseed oil, and cottonseed crude oil finished cottonseed oil. Cottonseed oil is also one of the edible oils we often use. Because cottonseed oil is not the same as other oils, we need to pay attention to some details when pressing. Below we summarize the eight major steps of pressing cottonseed oil:

The process of squeezing cottonseed by a cottonseed oil press is as follows:

Step 1. Fry the seeds: Generally, put 1/4 to 1/3 of the capacity in the pot, fry evenly, turn thoroughly, and the firepower should not be too high to avoid the shells from being burnt. After frying, the cottonseeds are flattened in a wok, and the hot steam is lost in the bucket with a stick, and it is easy to sieve and sort after it is cold.

Step 2. Sieving: Use manual sieve or fixed sieve to remove soil and impurities.

Step 3. Grinding: When grinding, the material should be less, and the material should be uniform and continuous, and the grinding speed should be appropriately fast, so that the cottonseed is easy to break.

Step 4. Add water: water with the ring groove of the roller. When grinding, water and turn the seeds at the same time to make the billet evenly draught. Grind together for about 20 minutes until the fine billet is not agglomerated.

Step 5. Steaming the dough: Pour the dough into the steaming bucket and flatten it by hand, so that the steaming bucket is evenly ventilated, and the temperature and moisture of the dough are common. The bottom of the steaming bucket is round like a shau-kei back, and it is evenly heated. The water level of the steamer is kept at the same level. It is advisable to keep the distance between the bottom of the steaming bucket and the water surface at least 16 cm, and the fire should be even.

Step 6. Packing the pie: The pie should be fast, the packing must be flat and tight, and the squeezing must be concentrated and fast. Single circle pancakes are about 2 cm thick after pressing. The time should be shortened as much as possible to prevent the loss of heat in the blank.

Step 7. Squeeze: When using the oil press, the cake is aligned, and the interval between the circle and the circle is adjusted to avoid unevenness of the cake. When adding a tip, keep it until the oil flow is out of line. When the oil line is broken, squeeze for another 2 hours before squeezing.

Step 8. Clarification and filtration: There are many impurities in the crude oil that is squeezed out. It should be cooled quickly, and then filtered after standing for a while to avoid darkening of the color and loss of refining.