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Process characteristics of rice bran oil refining equipment

September 27, 2021

Rice bran oil refining equipment technology usually refers to the refining of crude oil. The presence of impurities in crude oil not only affects the edible value and safe storage of the fat, but also brings difficulties to deep processing. However, the purpose of the rice bran oil refining equipment is not to remove all the impurities in the oil, but to remove the food, Storage, industrial production and other harmful and unhelpful impurities are removed, such as gossypol, protein, phospholipids, mucus, moisture, etc., while beneficial "impurities" such as tocopherols should be retained. Therefore, according to different requirements and uses, we can produce and provide rice bran oil refining equipment and rice bran oil refining equipment processes with different quality standards.

 Rice bran oil

Process characteristics of rice bran oil refining equipment:

1. Continuous alkali refining shortens the contact time of grease and lye, reduces saponification of grease, reduces refining consumption and speeds up efficiency.

2. Decolorization adopts the process of combining premixing and steam agitation decolorization, which speeds up the decolorization effect, saves the amount of white clay, simple and convenient operation, and the negative pressure state avoids the contact of oxygen in the air with hot oil, ensures the quality of the oil, and inhibits the acid value. Pick up and reduce peroxide value.

3. The physical refining adopts a new type of continuous deacidification and deodorization, which is suitable for the deacidification and deodorization of vegetable oils with high acid value and low colloidal content. The actual production proves that the rice bran oil refining equipment process has the following intuitive advantages: strong deacidification ability, heat The decolorization effect is good, the refining rate is high, and the oil quality is relatively good.

4. Multiple heat exchanges, full use of the system heat source, reasonable reduction of steam consumption, and also has the advantages of rice bran oil refining equipment process can be adjusted, flexible operation, automation, environmental sanitation, etc.

 rice bran oil refining equipment

Related information:

Complete introduction of rice bran oil production equipment:

The complete rice bran oil production equipment consists of a rice bran pretreatment section, a rice bran oil extraction section, and a rice bran oil refining section;

The rice bran pretreatment section mainly consists of rice bran and rice bran separation section, rice bran softening and tempering section and rice bran expansion chemical section;

The rice bran oil leaching section mainly consists of leaching system, evaporation system, evaporation system and condensation system;

The rice bran oil refining section mainly consists of a degumming section, a deacidification section, a decolorization section, a deodorization section, and a dewaxing section;

Reminder: Henan Zhongxing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturer here reminds buyers that the quality standard of refined rice bran oil is: the color is orange and transparent, and there is no rancidity or other peculiar smell. The water content of rice bran oil is usually below 0.2%, impurities below 0.3%, acid The appropriate price is 5mgKLH/g. The rice bran oil that achieves this standard is the real good rice bran oil.