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Maintenance and accident handling of edible oil equipment

September 27, 2021

Edible oil equipment is one of the key equipment of the oil plant, with high price, heavy body and high repair cost. Therefore, in the production process, careful maintenance of edible oil equipment is of great significance for increasing benefits, reducing costs and extending service life.

After long-term operation of the edible oil equipment, serious wear on both sides of the roller surface often occurs, which affects the effect of the edible oil equipment. Therefore, you should arrange for the necessary time every week to grind both sides of the roll with a grinding wheel or other methods.

If the oil is not cleaned well, impurities such as stones and small iron pieces will enter the rolling mill, which will often cause pitting of the roll surface, resulting in pits on the smooth roll surface, and uneven thickness of the rolled raw material, which affects the oil output. At this time, the pressure roller must be replaced, and the pressure roller with pits will be flattened again. The area hardness of the pressure roller increases, and turning is more difficult.

 Rolling machine

In the edible oil equipment, the embryo rolling machine sometimes does not eat or eat less. Will seriously affect the efficiency of the rolling mill. The large vibration of the rolling mill is an important reason for the pressure roll not to eat. When the pressure roller does not eat the material, the reason should be found out, and the smooth surface of the roller cannot be pitted artificially to increase the friction and make it eat the material. Broken shaft or edge drop is another important reason that the pressure roller does not eat material. In order to ensure the requirements of the rolling blank, the spring pressure must be increased when the uneven diameter of the roll gradually increases. In this way, the bearing is always subjected to a radial force. Once the material flow is uneven, it will enter hard objects such as iron and stones, causing the two pressure rollers to collide. The instantaneous impact force is quite large. As a result of repeated impacts, if the fatigue limit of the shaft is exceeded, the shaft will be broken or the edges will fall off. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the spring for adjusting the rolling distance during operation should not be too tight, should not enter the ironware, the material flow should be uniform, and the material should not be interrupted. These are reasonable measures to prevent such accidents.