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The economic benefit chain of squeezing walnut oil by screw press

September 27, 2021

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Walnut has become a nutritious food that is good for health by word of mouth. Walnut oil is also recognized as a high-quality, nutritious edible oil. The screw press presses walnut oil. Of course, a single walnut oil is good for walnuts. The waste of oil, let’s introduce the walnut economic benefit industrial chain for your reference:


1. Make walnut oil.

2. Produce liquid beverages, such as walnut milk.

3. Make walnut powder

4. Process walnut kernels into canned food, such as amber peach kernels and so on.

Let's first understand the technical process of making walnut oil.

Walnut oil processing

Walnut oil is a kind of high-grade edible oil. Using walnut as the material to make oil is also one of the directions of walnut deep processing. Now there are two types of oil-making technologies that have been selected: one is to use traditional mechanical pressing technology to obtain oil, and the other is to use Pre-pressing---leaching technology. The following is an introduction to the process of extracting oil by mechanical pressing.


Healthy walnut oil

The direct pressing of walnut kernels is usually carried out by a screw oil press. The technology is relatively simple. The pressing technology using walnuts as the material is messy and requires the pre-peeling process. The detailed technology is as follows:

Walnut peeling---separation of kernels and shells---squeezing walnut oil---filtering impurities---product oil boxing---labeling for sale


Technical characteristics of walnut oil pressing technology:

1. The walnut fruit pressing method has certain requirements for the hull content of the squeezed materials. Low content is not conducive to oil output. Usually, the hull content is required to be around 30%, and the oil output rate is around 25%-30%.

2. The screw press can be used for continuous production, and the equipment is simple and suitable for production in small walnut oil plants.

3. The by-product walnut cake cannot be used as food because it contains the skin and shell, and the utilization rate is low, resulting in a high cost of walnut oil. There are also reports on the use of rolling, steaming, and squeezing technologies for oil production in China.

4. Walnut kernels are directly pressed, because the oil is made at a lower temperature (the material is not steamed at high temperature), also called cold pressing, which can ensure that the natural effective substances in the walnut oil are not damaged, and the commercial value of the product is high. , Can compress the exploitation oil about 64% at the mercy. The cold pressing process requires that the operating pressure is equalized, and the criteria of diligent pressure and less pressure are selected.

5. Commodities made by pressing method need to be specially treated to remove colloidal impurities.