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Evolution of oil extraction process

August 13, 2021

How did the ancient oil extraction process evolve in the history of world food culture?

The beginning of world civilization began with the emergence of words, and the people relied on food as the heavens. People did not realize that the human diet civilization began earlier than the appearance of words, and it was recorded that the words were Chinese oracle bone inscriptions, and the oracle bone inscriptions were mostly based on sacrifices and food. The sign started. And mankind knows that the beginning of oil extraction is no less effective in food culture than the theory of "gravitation" discovered by Newton in the physical world.


Oil press equipment


Humans’ early food was eaten raw, but later learned that it’s better to be digested when roasted and eaten, and it reduces the frequency of intestinal diseases. But these are low requirements for filling the belly and maintaining life. When did you have taste requirements for your diet? This is about edible oil. Later I learned that some plants or animals can overflow viscous liquid by squeezing. These liquids have a special fragrance after being heated. Cooking with food can provoke a greater appetite for humans. , This liquid is our current cooking oil. Of course, the edible oil for humans was dominated by animals in the early days. Because of the limitation of social production materials, the types of plants at that time were not as developed as they are now. But animal fat extraction is more convenient and faster, so humans at that time used animal oil as the main cooking fat.


Oil press equipment


After the continuous development of human civilization and the intuitive acceleration of productivity, especially after the large-scale development of agricultural society, the types and planting area of ​​oil crops have greatly accelerated. By the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, it has reached the point where every household can process vegetable oil by themselves. Entering the Qin and Han dynasties, especially Zhang Sai's trip to the Western Regions brought back many new oil species, such as flax and soybeans, which were widely spread and planted in China. Family-style stone mill production has not kept up with the trend of the times, and early oil press workshops have appeared. These oil press workshops have learned to use simple mechanical principles to replace a large amount of manual labor. For example, water carts provide oil mill rotation, lever principle presses, or use livestock instead of manpower. This is the original "oil press."


Oil press equipment


After the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the whole world entered industrial production and mechanized equipment one after another. The early purely mechanical pressing equipment---"oil press" was produced, but the quantity was small and it was hydraulic. But from then on, it opened up the industrialization era in which mankind developed edible oil extraction technology. After the third industrial revolution, large-scale screw oil presses representing excellent quality have appeared in front of us. In the 1960s, the chemical oil extraction method represented by leaching technology directly impacted the traditional physical oil extraction process. Industrial-grade edible oil manufacturers basically used this process. Today, we have to sigh the hardships of the ancestors in exploring the road of people's diet and civilization, and find that the road to oil pressing equipment is not easy. It is believed that with the rapid development of science and technology, more superior and modern oil presses and excellent pressing techniques will appear in the future.