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Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery teaches you the secrets of maintenance of leaching oil equipment

September 14, 2021

leaching oil equipment

1. During the operation period of the leaching machinery and equipment, always check the wear and corrosion of the equipment. Once it is clear that it cannot be used normally, it must be replaced with new parts immediately.

2. It is customary to check whether the sealing parts of the equipment can work normally, and immediately do a good job in disassembly and maintenance work.

3. If common faults occur in the operation of the leaching machinery and equipment, they should be stopped for inspection immediately, and the fault should be detected immediately, and safety maintenance of the machinery and equipment should be carried out.

4. Remove the oil stains on the machinery and equipment on time. The volatilization process in the leaching machinery and equipment should be removed every 30-40 days. The cooler should be repaired twice a year and removed once.

5. The lubrication position of the leaching machinery and equipment must be supplied with oil immediately.

6. Carry out immediate maintenance of instruments and equipment such as barometers and thermometers on time to ensure that there is no problem with safety.

7. In the whole process of regular inspection and maintenance of leaching machinery and equipment, special tools such as hammers should not be used to beat the machinery and equipment.

 8. The production workshop of leaching machinery and equipment should be kept clean, and the production workshop should be cleaned up after every production. Do not deposit dust on the instrument equipment. Maintenance of leaching machinery and equipment is the whole process that every manufacturer needs to carry out. Careful maintenance of your own leaching machinery and equipment in daily life can increase the service life of machinery and equipment and reduce project investment in manufacturing