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Sunflower seed oil production line

September 14, 2021

Sunflower seed oil is golden yellow, has a refreshing texture, contains vitamins A, B, D and E, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The basic process is: pretreatment-pre-pressing-leaching-refining.

 Sunflower seed oil

1. Pretreatment process:

Sunflower seeds→cleaning→peeling→separation of shell and kernel→embroiding→steaming and frying→pre-pressing→crude oil



2. The leaching process:

                                        Solvent        Solvent recovery

                                             ↓                         ↓

Sunflower seed cake → extractor → mixed oil treatment → crude oil


 Solvent recovery ← steaming off wet meal → finished meal


3. Refining process:

Sunflower seed crude oil → phosphoric acid degumming → washing and drying → dewaxing → decolorization → physical deacidification and deodorization → dewaxing → refined oil


After the sunflower seeds are screened by a vibrating screen and air sorted by a wind sorting box, they enter the sheller, and then the shells and kernels are separated. Then enter the softener, adjust the water content to 8-9%, start to roll the embryo, after steaming and frying pan, enter the pre-pressing. The pre-squeezed oil is filtered and sent to refining. The pre-squeezed oil cake enters the extractor to obtain sunflower meal and crude oil, and the crude oil enters the refining equipment.

 Sunflower seed oil refining equipment

4.Technological characteristics of our sunflower seed oil pressing production line:

(1)The extractor adopts Zhongxing technology, and different extractors are used according to the different output. The penetration effect is good, the wet meal content is low, and the residual oil of the meal can be guaranteed to be ≤1.0% under the condition of less solvent, and the mixed oil concentration can be increased. The evaporation of the solvent is greatly reduced; the Zhongxing extractor has a compact and reasonable structure, which is convenient for transportation;

(2)Use heat exchangers to recover heat energy and save energy and heat.

Our company can design the process for the sunflower seed oil production line according to the different requirements of the customer and the target price. Under normal circumstances, the engineer will configure the new processing technology for the customer.