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The company attaches importance to the role and training of technical talents, actively introduces foreign technical experience,and through the perfect quality management system certification, production of marketable high and new, sharp products, thus in a variety of fuel, rice, wheat, corn, and other areas of the processing machinery and equipment have domestic advantage.

How about doing oil press processing business?

September 10, 2021

The oil press market has a very broad prospect. The cost of oil press equipment will soon make consumers rich. Take the fully automatic oil press for example, it does not require high technical requirements and high capital. It was born. , Provides new choices for the majority of users, product performance and after-sales service are examples of other equipment, won the recognition of many domestic customers. Here I will tell you what are the requirements for rapeseed oil press equipment?

oil press processing business

    If you want rapeseed oil press equipment, you have to choose a good place. Second, you have a certain understanding of the equipment. If you are interested in this industry, you can't fish for three days and dry the net for two days, so you will never make money. Choosing rapeseed oil press equipment, you can choose the place where the vegetable market is, and it is easy to let the people know that many people can come to press oil without advertising or publicity. Secondly, it is the kingly way to choose a good oil press manufacturer.

    Generally speaking, the oil yield of rapeseed is between 32%-43%, which has a high oil yield. It is also one of the several major oils that we often eat. It also plays a great role in our daily life. The oil squeezed by the rapeseed oil press is natural and healthy, which meets the needs of today’s consumers. Rapeseed oil press occupies an important position in the oil press industry.

    For oil extraction, it is also very important to equip suitable oil extraction equipment. The establishment of an oil mill with a complete oil press production line makes the oil mill look more professional and reassures consumers. At the same time, it also promotes invisibly, and welcomes more consumers to the oil mill. The physical oil extraction process used in the rapeseed oil extraction production line is very suitable for the current consumer needs for green and healthy food, and the demand curve for edible oil in the society is also on the upward trend. The rapeseed oil extraction production line is undoubtedly opened up. The door to success.

    The rapeseed oil press of our company has been improved and perfected on the basis of the original traditional technology. The original high-intensity manual labor has been replaced by mechanical force. At the same time, more scientific and technological technologies have been added to make the oil production Become more relaxed and convenient. Improve the quality of oil without changing the production process. In addition, these oil pressing equipment are constantly being improved and updated to make the rapeseed oil press play a greater role.

    The production process of the rapeseed oil pressing production line is: raw material-screening-fried seeds-pressing-filtering. In order to make the production more smooth, in addition to the main oil pressing equipment, it is necessary to configure some auxiliary equipment according to the actual needs of users. The oil pressing equipment is interlocked and closely coordinated to achieve the effect of the oil pressing production line.

   The purchased oil is inevitably mixed with some impurities. In order not to affect the quality of the oil and the quality of the cake, and the impurities will absorb a part of the oil, reduce the oil yield, and may seriously cause the wear of the oil pressing equipment. In order to avoid this kind of situation, Need to configure a vibrating screen, the cleaning effect is good, and the oil output rate is improved. In order to speed up production, the link wok needs to be equipped with a spiral tube feeding machine. In order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator, the oil press feed hopper will be equipped with an automatic suction machine to avoid manual feeding and oil production. Become more mechanized.