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How does the odor in edible oil produce? How does the oil refining equipment remove the odor in oil?

September 10, 2021

Pure oil is odorless. The source of the odor in the oil is the taste of the oil itself, such as the aroma of peanut oil and sesame oil. This aroma is very popular, but not all the odors of oil are popular, such as soybean oil. Many people can't accept the beany smell. Some are caused by the production and processing of oils, such as burnt smell and clay smell, and others are caused by rancidity caused by oxidation during storage of oils.

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There are several sources of oil odor:

1. The odor component of the oil itself; the general content is very small, about 0.1%.

2. The peculiar smell produced by oil and fat during processing; such as scorched earth smell, solvent smell, bleached earth smell, hydrogenated peculiar smell, etc.;

3. Substances that decompose oil during preparation and storage; such as odors caused by low molecular weight aldehydes, ketones, acids, sulfur compounds, etc.

4. The peculiar smell caused by oxidative rancidity caused by bad conditions when the oil is stored.

oil refining equipment

Oil refining equipment mainly removes the odor in the oil through the deodorization process. The deodorization process adopts the principle of vacuum steam stripping to remove impurities such as low-molecular odorous substances, free fatty acids, peroxides, monoglycerides, glycolipids, sulfides, and thermal decomposition products of pigments in the oil, and can also remove moldy and rotten oils. Volatile decomposition products of protein, remove low molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and residual pesticides, and reduce them to a safe level. The deodorization process can not only remove the odorous substances in the fat, increase the smoke point of the fat and improve the flavor of the edible oil, but also improve the stability, color and quality of the fat. Therefore, the deodorization process is very important in the production of high-grade edible oil.

In the storage of oil, due to the influence of bad conditions, the oil will become rancid. The rancid oil has an unpleasant smell, and eating has an adverse effect on the body. Be careful not to eat the stored oil after it has a peculiar smell.

 oil refining equipment

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