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How can the cost of palm oil refining be reduced?

September 16, 2021

palm oil refining

The cost of palm oil refining is the result of the mixed effects of various factors. Investing in palm oil refineries or palm oil projects is to obtain more benefits. So how can the interests of palm oil refineries be guaranteed to the maximum extent? Next, we will briefly summarize the methods for reducing palm oil refining costs for you, and hope it will be helpful to you!


1. Speed up the refining rate

The refining rate is the main factor that affects the cost of refining, and it is closely related to the quality of crude oil, the refining process, and the refining operation.


2. Reduce the consumption of auxiliary materials

The auxiliary materials include liquid caustic soda, phosphoric acid, citric acid, clay, and diesel. The same oil product can meet the product standard by using different operation methods. A method with lower consumption of auxiliary materials should be found in the operation process.


3. Reduce energy consumption

Including the consumption of water, electricity, and steam. In the production process, waste of energy should be avoided.


4. Reduce labor costs and strengthen production management.