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What are the characteristics of different types of palm oil refining equipment?

September 16, 2021

Palm oil refining equipment is composed of multiple sections and multiple equipment. Generally speaking, there is no model of palm oil refining equipment. The oil refining equipment is generally divided into large-scale palm oil refining equipment, medium-sized and small palm oil refining equipment according to its production volume. So, what are the characteristics of large, medium and small palm oil refining equipment?


  Characteristics of large-scale palm oil refining equipment: The equipment is generally used in large-scale palm oil processing plants or palm oil plants for some national projects. The technical content of this equipment is relatively high, mostly adopting intelligent management and production mode, and adopting continuous processing technology.


      Features of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment: This equipment can be used not only for the refining of vegetable oil but also for the deep processing of animal crude oil. The processing capacity of this equipment is generally 20-50 tons/day, which is already the main amount for refining vegetable oils. Its work sections include degumming and impurity removal, deacidification and alkali refining, decolorization and deodorization, and some vegetable oils need to be dewaxed. Refining treatment.


  The characteristics of small palm oil refining equipment: flexible combination, reasonable structure, relatively small area and less investment. The key is that although the production volume of the equipment is small, the quality of the refined oil produced is not inferior to that of the large-scale equipment, but the small-scale equipment generally adopts an intermittent or semi-continuous production method, so it requires a lot of manpower and consumes a lot of energy.