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Why do we need to clean up the oil before oil extraction?

September 16, 2021

oil extraction

What are the impurities in the oil?

What impurities are generally contained in the incoming oil? After the oil is harvested, exposed to the sun, transported and stored in the oil plant, it usually contains the following three types of impurities:

(1) Inorganic impurities: mainly refer to soil, sand, stones, tiles, metals, etc.

(2) Organic impurities: including stems and leaves, husks, wormwood, hemp rope, cloth pieces, paper scraps, etc.

(3) Oily impurities: including disease and insect pests, false seeds and seeds mixed with other oils.


Why do we need to clean up the oil before oil extraction?

After cleaning up the impurities, it will bring the following six benefits to the oil production:

(1) Reduce total oil loss and speed up oil yield;

(2) Speed ​​up the quality of fats and cakes;

(3) Increase the processing capacity of the equipment;

(4) Reduce the wear and tear on equipment parts;

(5) Avoid production accidents and speed up the process effect;

(6) Reduce dust flying, ensure the health of workers and change the production environment.


What are the methods of oil cleaning?

(1) Screening method-the main cleaning method. According to the difference in particle size and shape of oilseeds and impurities, the oilseeds are screened through sieve holes with different sizes and shapes.

(2) Winnowing method—According to the difference in aerodynamic properties of oilseeds and impurities, airflow is used to separate and remove floating dust and other impurities lighter or heavier than oilseeds by means of a winnowing equipment.

(3) Impact method—According to the difference in mechanical strength between oilseeds and impurities, the oilseeds and impurities are ground and impacted in the equipment to break the impurities, and then use the screening method to remove them.

(4) Specific gravity method—According to the principle of different specific gravity of oilseeds and impurities, the specific gravity stone remover and water washing equipment (also known as water selection method) are used to remove impurities.

(5) Magnetic separation method-according to the different principles of oilseed and metal magnetic properties, the metal (iron) in the oil is removed with the help of magnetic separation equipment. In actual production, in order to efficiently remove various impurities, a certain method is not simply used to remove impurities, but multiple methods are often used together.