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How is deodorization performed in the refining process of edible oil?

September 23, 2021

Deodorization is an important step in the refining process of edible oil, which is mainly to remove the peculiar smell in the crude oil, thereby improving the quality and value of the edible oil. So how is deodorization performed in the process of edible oil refining?

The deodorization of edible oil requires vacuum and high temperature conditions, and the deodorization temperature must reach about 260°C. During deodorization, water vapor is introduced into the crude oil to be deodorized, and the difference between the volatility of the water vapor and the odorous substance is used to remove the peculiar smell in the crude oil. For edible oil refineries of different scales, the equipment for edible oil deodorization is also different.

 Edible oil deodorization process

In small-scale edible oil refineries with a processing capacity of 1-10 tons/day, deodorization tanks are used for deodorization. When deodorizing, the deodorizing tank must be vacuumed through the vacuum system first, the purpose of which is to prevent the edible oil from oxidizing at high temperatures. Then pass high-temperature steam into the deodorization tank to remove the peculiar smell in the oil.

Large edible oil refineries use deodorization towers for deodorization. The deodorizing tower is divided into two parts, the upper part is used to remove free fatty acids in the crude oil, and the lower part is used to remove the peculiar smell in the crude oil. The deodorization process is automated, with high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can meet the needs of manufacturers.

The edible oil refining process needs to include a deodorization section, otherwise the refined edible oil will not meet the standard, and the quality and value of the edible oil will even be affected. If you need to buy edible oil refining equipment, it is recommended that you read the quotation carefully, especially the equipment list, and check whether there is a deodorizing part, so that you can buy standard edible oil refining equipment.

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