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How to solve the abnormal start of the screw press

September 23, 2021

        Everyone who buys an oil press knows that if the oil press wants to work normally, it needs to be equipped with a motor. During the production process of the oil press, there will be a problem that the motor cannot start normally. Don't panic when encountering such a problem.

Reasons why the motor of the oil press cannot start normally:

        1. The first point is the most common. The operator does not follow the regular operating procedures, which causes the motor to fail to run, accompanied by a buzzing sound.

        2. The voltage is abnormal.

        3. The bearings and mechanical parts are jammed.

        4. Overload operation is too heavy.

        5. Whether the line is connected correctly.

        6. The motor winding is abnormal.

screw press

        According to the above reasons that may cause the oil press motor to fail to start normally, troubleshoot and solve it.

        1. As an operator, you need to perform normal operations in accordance with the operating mode required by the oil press manufacturer, operate in violation of regulations before shutting down, and stop the work of the oil press when the materials are not completely eliminated, resulting in a large amount of slag cake remaining Inside the oil press, these residual cakes can easily block the cavity of the oil press, which seriously affects the secondary start-up of the equipment. The start-up of the oil press is affected, and the start-up of the electric motor will also be affected. Therefore, follow the correct shutdown procedure.

        2. The failure of the motor of the oil press to start may be due to a voltage problem, and too low voltage may cause it to fail to start.

        3. Check whether the bearings and mechanical parts of the oil press motor are stuck. If there is any stuck, remove it in time.

        4. The overloaded operation of the oil press motor is also one of the reasons for the abnormal starting of the motor. Control the motor load and use the motor in a safe and standard manner.

        5. If the line is incorrectly connected, the motor of the oil press cannot be started normally, just check this.

        6. The abnormal start of the oil press motor may also be caused by abnormal winding of the motor. This requires disassembly of the motor for inspection or inspection at a professional motor maintenance point.