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How to extract flaxseed oil from flaxseed? What linseed oil processing equipment is needed?

September 23, 2021

Oil flax is one of the main economic crops in my country, and it is also the main oil crop planted in the alpine regions of North China, Northwest and Northeast China. We mainly extract linseed oil from flax seeds. There are two common extraction methods: pressing and leaching. The pressing method mainly uses mechanical force to extract linseed oil from linseeds, while the extraction method uses the principle of solvent and oil to be compatible to extract linseed oil from linseed meal. Henan Zhongxing will recommend suitable linseed oil extraction methods and linseed oil processing equipment based on different production volumes.

 flaxseed oil

If the processing capacity of linseed is 1-10 tons/day, Henan Zhongxing recommends that you choose a steaming and frying pan and an oil-pressing machine as the linseed oil processing equipment. Among them, the steaming and frying pan can adjust the temperature and humidity of the linseed, thereby improving the production efficiency of linseed oil. This set of linseed oil processing equipment has a small footprint and low investment cost, which is more suitable for customers with low linseed processing capacity.

If the linseed processing capacity is more than 10 tons/day, no matter which method you choose to extract linseed oil, you need to pre-treat the linseed, clean up the impurities in the linseed, and adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of the linseed. Thereby improving the extraction efficiency of linseed oil, reducing oil loss, and bringing more benefits.

After pretreatment, you can choose the pressing method to extract linseed oil. The linseed oil processing equipment used includes a pre-press and a press. More linseed oil can be obtained after the second pressing.

 Pre-press equipment and press equipment

However, if the processing capacity is more than 20 tons/day, Henan Zhongxing recommends using the leaching method to extract linseed oil, which can reduce the residual oil rate in the linseed meal to 1%, thereby obtaining more profits. In the process of extracting linseed oil by the leaching method, the linseed oil processing equipment used includes a pre-press, linseed oil extraction equipment and linseed oil refining equipment.

The pre-treated linseed is transported to a pre-press, and a part of the wool linseed oil and linseed meal are obtained after pre-pressing. The oil in the linseed meal can be extracted by the linseed extraction equipment to obtain another part of the flaxseed oil. These two parts of wool linseed oil need to be processed by linseed oil refining equipment to remove impurities in the crude oil to obtain high-quality linseed oil that meets national standards.

In addition to processing capacity, Henan Zhongxing will also recommend cost-effective linseed oil extraction methods and linseed oil processing equipment for customers based on the quality of raw materials, requirements for refined oil, investment costs and other factors. If you need to purchase linseed oil processing equipment, you can contact us. Henan Zhongxing looks forward to cooperating with you!