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Introduction of cottonseed oil production process

September 23, 2021
There are two kinds of cottonseed oil production processes: pressing method and leaching method. The pressing method to produce cottonseed oil is a production process that uses mechanical pressing to obtain cottonseed oil from cottonseeds. The leaching method is a production process in which cottonseed oil is obtained from the treated cottonseed meal by using the principle of the compatibility of solvents and oils. Below, an engineer from Henan Zhongxing will take you to understand the detailed process of the cottonseed oil production process.
cottonseed oil
1. Squeezing method
The process of producing cottonseed oil by pressing method includes the following steps: cottonseed pretreatment, cottonseed oil pre-pressing and cottonseed oil pressing. The purpose of cottonseed pretreatment is to clean up the impurities in the cottonseed, adjust the moisture, temperature and internal structure of the cottonseed, so that the cottonseed will reach a good state before pressing, and then improve the efficiency of cottonseed oil production. The cottonseed pretreatment equipment used includes a series of equipment such as cleaning equipment (magnetic separator, cleaning sieve and stone removal machine), shelling machine, kernel shell separation sieve, embryo rolling machine, steaming pan and so on.
Next, a cottonseed oil pre-press and a cottonseed oil press are used to squeeze the treated cottonseed a second time. The cottonseed oil obtained retains the natural fragrance and the nutrients are not destroyed. At this point, the process of producing cottonseed oil by the pressing method is over.
Cottonseed pretreatment
2. Leaching method
Similar to the pressing method, the cottonseed oil production process by the leaching method also includes cottonseed pretreatment and cottonseed oil pre-pressing. The cottonseed pretreatment equipment adjusts the internal structure of the cottonseed to a state suitable for leaching. After being processed by a cottonseed oil pre-press, wool cottonseed oil and cottonseed meal can be obtained. The cottonseed meal is transported to the extraction workshop to further produce cottonseed oil.
In the process of leaching the cottonseed oil, the cottonseed meal and the solvent are first brought into contact, so that the oil and the solvent in the meal are fused to form a mixed oil. After the mixed oil is evaporated and stripped by the mixed oil treatment system, the solvent is vaporized and discharged to obtain wool cottonseed oil.
Production of cottonseed oil by leaching method
Whether it is the cottonseed oil produced by pressing or the cottonseed oil obtained by leaching, it needs to be transported to the refining workshop for further processing. The purpose of cottonseed oil refining is to remove peptic impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, peculiar smells and other impurities in wool cottonseed oil, and improve the stability and value of cottonseed oil. The refining process of cottonseed oil includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. After refining, cottonseed oil that meets national standards can be obtained and sold on the market to obtain profit income. So far, the process of producing cottonseed oil by leaching method has also ended.
The two cottonseed oil production processes have similarities and obvious differences, but there is no difference between good and bad. It is only necessary to comprehensively consider the customer's cottonseed quality, processing volume, market requirements for refined oil, investment budget and other factors, and then select a suitable cottonseed oil production process. The same production process can also be configured with different cottonseed oil production equipment according to the budgeted cost. All in all, Henan Zhongxing can customize suitable cottonseed oil production equipment for you, and we can fulfill every reasonable requirement of you to your satisfaction. If you need cottonseed oil production equipment, please contact us.