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How much is a complete set of oil press equipment?

August 11, 2021

How much is the complete set of oil press equipment? The complete set of oil press equipment mainly includes peeling machine, wok, hoist, oil press, oil filter and other equipment. Through the processing of the complete set of oil press equipment, the process of converting oil crops to edible oil can be realized. The oil press includes more than ten kinds of other supporting equipment, with different models and types, and the prices are naturally different. According to the different raw materials and output of the user, the oil press manufacturer ZTE can configure the complete set of oil press equipment slightly different. If the processing raw material is peanuts, peanuts need to be peeled first, and a peanut peeling machine needs to be added to form a complete set of peanut oil press equipment. Oilseeds such as rapeseed, soybeans, and sesame seeds are mixed with straws, husks, and soil blocks during harvest. A cleaning screen is required to clean the raw materials before processing.


Peanut oil production process


The following is a peanut as an example, the oil press manufacturer Zhongxing's brief introduction to the working process of the complete set of oil press equipment.

1. Shelling: Shelling oils such as cottonseed and peanuts need to be shelled. Peanut shelling can speed up the processing capacity and oil yield of peanuts by the oil press. The supporting equipment is a peanut peeling machine, which can be used by users.

2. Stir-frying: The quality of stir-frying directly affects the quality and oil yield of the processed peanut oil. The key to stir-frying lies in the quality and device of the wok.

3. Lifting into the machine for pressing; the fried peanut raw materials are lifted to the required height by the lifter, automatically come out of the lifter, and sent to the oil press boring machine for squeezing, realizing the automation of the oil press equipment production.

Fourth, oil residue filtration; the peanut oil squeezed by the oil press contains the required oil residue. In order to speed up the oil quality of peanut oil, an oil filter is often used to filter the oil residue in the peanut oil to obtain product peanut oil that can be used directly.

Zhongxing can provide users with the price of a complete set of oil press equipment to help users understand what equipment they need in the complete set of oil press equipment, the performance and detailed use of each supporting equipment, and the strengths of the equipment.