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The importance of oil press equipment

August 12, 2021

Edible oil is important to people's health, and now more and more people pay more attention to health and health preservation. The safety of edible oil directly determines the safety of people's daily diet. Oil press equipment occupies a pivotal role in the application of oil pressing process. The oil press equipment produced by Zhongxing has an automatic temperature control system, which can adjust the appropriate temperature for different raw materials, is convenient to operate, and simplifies the complexity of frying. The oil press equipment can realize two ways of hot pressing and cold pressing.


oil press equipment


Before installation, the newly purchased oil press equipment should be cleaned up. Pull out the main shaft, remove the upper squeezing cage, and use emery cloth to polish the outer and inner surfaces of the snail and the screw feeder smoothly. Grease should be added to the entire lubrication part of the oil press equipment, the lubricating oil added in the gear box. After the round row is polished and clean, it needs to be arranged in the original position when installing the machine, and cannot be misaligned, because the arrangement position and order of the round row have a great relationship with the oil extraction performance.

After the round row machine is installed, it is compressed with a compression nut, and the degree of compression should be such that the disc can creep when the oil is pressed. After the oil press equipment has been processed above, it can be fixed on the foundation with anchor bolts. During installation, the pulley of the motor should be aligned with the pulley of the oil press equipment, the position should be appropriate, the direction of rotation should be correct, and the tightness of the transmission belt should be adjusted appropriately.


oil press equipment


Working principle of oil press equipment:

The power of the oil press equipment is transmitted to the main shaft after being decelerated. The screw mounted on the main shaft continuously pushes the oil between the threads forward as it rotates. As the space between the press chamber and the screw is gradually reduced, the density of the oil is Increase, and therefore the pressure gradually increases. During the squeezing process of the oil press equipment, friction occurs between the oil particles and between the oil and the parts, and heat is generated. This constitutes the pressure and heat of the oil pressing process. In the tissue cells of the ring oil, the oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out between the cake head and the cake outlet. When the spilled oil flows into the oil filter barrel through the oil pan, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the barrel. Negative pressure is formed in the barrel, and the oil passes through the filter cloth and is drawn into the barrel, while the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth. At this time, pure oil is obtained.

Features of oil press equipment:

1. High oil output rate: Compared with the old-fashioned oil pressing equipment, the normal oil output rate of this oil press equipment can be 3-6% higher, and the economic benefits are considerable.

2. Energy saving: reduce power consumption by 40% with the same output.

3. Labor saving: with the same output, it can save power by 60%, and it can be produced by 1 to 2 people.

4. Versatility: can squeeze peanuts, sesame, flax, rapeseed, cottonseed kernels, sunflower seeds, soybeans and other oil crops.

5. The oil is pure and pure: the oil press equipment vacuum filters the residue, and the original oil squeezed out is without pollution and meets the requirements of sanitation and epidemic prevention.