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Is peanut oil squeezed by yourself?

August 12, 2021

Many consumers like to buy freshly squeezed peanut oil in bulk, which is known as "additive-free, pure". However, these self-pressed peanut oils, which are known as "no additives, pure", are full of hidden dangers, and the high carcinogen aflatoxin B1 exceeds the standard.

It is reported that aflatoxin is classified as a category 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. It is 68 times more toxic than arsenic and has a damaging effect on human and animal liver tissues. Aflatoxin B1 is more common in naturally contaminated food, and its toxicity and carcinogenicity are also strong. "Aflatoxin B1 is often detected in some dried fruits such as corn, peanuts, and cotton seeds, among which peanuts and corn are seriously polluted."


Refining equipment


Why is the aflatoxin B1 in the bulk peanut oil seriously exceeded? Experts in the industry pointed out that the bulk peanut oil market is difficult to meet the standards in terms of raw material acquisition, storage, processing, or finished product sales, which eventually led to a serious excess of aflatoxin in the bulk peanut oil.

"The farmer's market's oil pressing process is not perfect. It cannot refine peanuts, and there is a high possibility of pesticide residues, heavy metal pollution, and high carcinogenic aflatoxins." The above-mentioned industry insiders said that large companies use good Machine production, the production process is divided into multiple processes, one of which is specifically to remove aflatoxins. After the oil is produced, the aflatoxin content of the oil will also be tested, and it can only be shipped if it meets the national standards. 

In this regard, some experts pointed out that self-pressed bulk peanut oil is prone to excessive aflatoxin due to restrictions on production technology and testing methods. Consumers are advised to eat as little as possible.

The peanut oil refining equipment produced by Zhongxing uses degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and other processes to heat, stir, precipitate and filter the crude oil to remove harmful substances in the fat and make it a safe edible oil with complete color and flavor.