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Is freshly pressed oil harmful? Unrefined oil has hidden dangers.

August 12, 2021

Freshly pressed oil and self-pressed oil are "crude oil" that has not been refined. There are hidden dangers in the control of freshly pressed oil raw materials, which are easy to oxidize and deteriorate and are not suitable for long-term storage. Consumers need to be cautious when buying freshly pressed oil.


Second floor of 30T semi-continuous refining equipment (upper part)


It is reported that the processing fee for freshly squeezed oil is US$0.2/500g, and the price of finished peanut oil and rapeseed oil is US$2 to US$3 per 500g. Although the price of freshly squeezed oil is cheap, many citizens worry about the quality and safety of freshly squeezed oil.

Searching on the Internet found that there are still some workshops and farmer’s markets selling freshly squeezed oil in many places, especially in the urban-rural junction. These freshly squeezed oils sell for US$1.5 to US$3.5 per 500g, which is much cheaper than supermarket-branded edible oils.

So is it really safe to squeeze peanut oil on the street? The staff of the Food and Drug Administration stated that a food production license and an industrial and commercial business license are required for fresh oil extraction. Mobile stalls and some workshops do not have these two certificates.


30T semi-continuous refining equipment on the first floor (lower part)


At present, peanut oil from regular manufacturers can be produced through at least more than ten processes. For example, there are several processes such as magnetic separation and grading in the selection of raw materials. The extracted oil needs to be filtered through multiple layers to remove impurities and aflatoxins. Hazardous substances, only in this way can they meet the relevant national standards for crushing. The peanut oil that is squeezed and sold on the street is difficult to obtain a reasonable guarantee in terms of the source of raw materials, the processing environment, and the disinfection of equipment. In addition, peanuts, which are used as raw materials for oil extraction, are exquisitely stored. Improper storage is likely to produce aflatoxin, a carcinogen. Regular oil extraction companies have a process to remove aflatoxin during the oil production process. There is this process. Freshly squeezed oil on the street can be eaten if it has complete licenses and hygiene standards, but citizens should be cautious when buying freshly squeezed oil.

The refined oil equipment produced by Zhongxing, through degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization, reasonably solves the problem of the hazards of freshly squeezed oil and ensures the quality of refined oil products.