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How significant is the purchase of leaching equipment?

September 03, 2021

Leaching oil is no stranger to everyone. About 90% of all types of edible oil sold in the market use the leaching oil process. The leaching method of oil production was invented by the West and then introduced to my country. It is well-known for its oil production rate. In my country's huge edible oil market, its advantages are fully demonstrated. It is also an ideal processing technology for medium and large oil plants. The leaching equipment is even more popular in the oil processing market.

Oil extraction equipment is an ideal equipment for large-scale grease processing plants. The investment is large, but the rate of return is high. Therefore, for the purchase of oil extraction equipment, users must pay enough attention to purchase suitable equipment to ensure subsequent normal processing. Operation, then, how to choose the leaching equipment? According to market visits and surveys, Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery summarizes the following elements for purchase.

leaching equipment

   1. Price cannot be used as a criterion for judging quality.

Some users do not know much about the industry. When purchasing equipment, they unilaterally believe that the quality of high-priced leaching equipment will be much better. However, users should realize that there are many factors that affect the price of leaching equipment, and quality is only one of them. The price can be used as a reference factor for purchase.

  2. The information on the Internet must not be trusted, but it must not be trusted completely.

There are many manufacturers of leaching equipment, and many companies pay attention to the importance of the network. It is inevitable that some weak manufacturers, exaggerated, false propaganda, confuse the eyes of users, users classify and summarize the information collected on the Internet, and analyze the manufacturers’ performance from a professional perspective. Comprehensive strength.

   3. On-site inspections and on-site testing are very important.

When purchasing leaching equipment, you can’t listen to the manufacturer’s words. Hearing is fictitious, seeing is believing. Only the user visits the site in person to see the difference. You are also responsible for yourself. You can request on-site testing or visit the cooperation project nearby. , Check more, compare more, choose the best from them.

  4. Manufacturers with guaranteed service are worthy of user cooperation.

When users purchase leaching equipment to process edible oil, they usually use it for a long time, and some problems will inevitably occur. Manufacturers with service guarantees are very timely in the maintenance, inspection, and repair of equipment, and can also protect the users’ personal experience. economic benefit.

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