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Walnut oil pressing equipment production line

September 03, 2021

Walnut oil is made from walnut kernels. The overall output of walnuts in China is relatively rich compared to other small varieties of oil resources. Walnut oil has high nutritional value. More and more healthy oil consumers choose to eat. Walnut oil, coupled with the vigorous support of the walnut oil industry from all over the world, believe that the walnut oil processing industry will usher in a golden period of development. Now it is a good time to join the walnut oil processing industry.


Walnut oil


There is still a large gap in the processing walnut oil market. Intervention in the processing industry is exactly what the market needs. If users want to invest in walnut oil, they need to conduct a careful market investigation and carefully screen walnut oil equipment manufacturers to ensure that all links are Only by taking this into account can we ensure smoother project operations. Here is a suggestion to users for Zhongxing's oil and grease equipment manufacturers. The specific advantages are as follows.

1. First of all, the choice of walnut oil production process. Walnut oil can be called "liquid gold", and its production process must choose a greener processing method. Looking at the various oil production processes, it is the cold pressing method. It is more suitable and can retain more nutrients without losing. Many users who make nutritious walnut oil choose to make cold-pressed oil. At the same time, it has also been recognized by market users, and sales have been increasing.

2. Investing in walnut oil processing projects, looking for the cold-pressing oil technology, and then purchasing the walnut oil cold-pressing production line. Cold pressing is only one of the links, ensuring that the various processes are at room temperature below 60 degrees. Bottom, pure physical low-temperature cold pressing, together with Zhongxing 6YY series hydraulic oil press and 6YL series screw oil press, can fully increase the cold pressing oil yield of walnuts.

3. Generally, walnut oil processing plants rely on not only the simple pressing process, but also the oil refining process. Among them, walnut oil refining equipment plays a core role. The simple five-off process can improve the quality of walnut oil crude oil. The improvement, coupled with the oil dewaxing process, can make walnut oil meet the real first-class oil standard, with higher quality, of course, wider sales and more profits.

To invest in walnut oil projects, choose a manufacturer of Zhongxing Oil Machinery Equipment. You can visit the walnut oil processing plant that has successfully cooperated with Zhongxing, or you can directly go to Zhongxing manufacturers to inspect and purchase. Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery is looking forward to your visit, please feel free to contact us .