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How to adjust the oil press to increase the oil yield!

July 27, 2021

Rapeseed, also known as Brassica oleracea, is the seed of the cruciferous rapeseed. Rapeseed has longer siliques, many pods, and full grains. The oil content of rapeseed is 37.5%-46.3%. Depending on the type of rapeseed, its oil content is slightly different. It is one of the main oil crops and nectar crops in China, and its grain is one of the main varieties of raw materials for leaching oil.

Rapeseed oil production line
Rapeseed oil production line

Rape is cultivated throughout China and is divided into winter rape and spring rape. Its planting area accounts for more than 40% of China's total oil crops, and its output accounts for more than 30% of China's total oil crops, ranking first in the world. Therefore, rapeseed oil press is also one of Zhongxing's main products.

rapeseed oil press
Rapeseed oil press

1. Oil output rate

Under normal circumstances, the oil yield of rapeseed is not very high, about 30% to 40%, which means that every 100 kg of rapeseed can produce about 30-40 kg of oil. There are many varieties of rapeseed, and different varieties will also affect its oil yield. In addition, the climate in some areas is very good, and the oil production rate will be higher.

Rapeseed oil refining equipment
Rapeseed oil refining equipment

2. Ways to improve oil yield

(1) Removal of impurities: Normal rapeseed has some silt. Generally, these silt impurities are removed before oil extraction, otherwise it will absorb oil during the oil extraction process, which will also affect it to a certain extent. Oil output rate.

(2) Pressing on hot materials: Some people may not know that oil molecules are most active when the temperature is high, so it should be done while it is hot, which will increase the oil output.

(3) Adding bran: When squeezing oil, you can add some bran to it, and sieve out the ash content when using it. After mixing, it can slow down the sliding speed of rapeseed, so it can squeeze more oil.