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Processing technology of peanut protein

July 28, 2021

1. The nutritional value of peanut protein

The high-quality protein in peanuts plays an important role in the nutritional balance of the human body. Peanut protein is a high-quality protein, composed of 90% globulin and 10% albumin, with a high digestibility rate of 90%, which is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Protein contains 8 essential amino acids, the most important of which is lysine content 3-8 times higher than millet, wheat flour, corn, and the effective utilization rate is as high as 98.94%, which is 21.05% higher than the utilization rate of soybeans. According to scientific research in recent years, lysine is very effective in improving children's growth and development and intelligence, as well as preventing people from premature aging. Peanut protein also contains a certain amount of glutamic acid, aspartic acid and catechins, which can nourish the brain, promote the development of brain cells and enhance memory. Therefore, experts suggest that people consume a certain amount of peanuts, peanut oil or peanut products every day, which can not only provide a large amount of protein, fat and energy, but also reduce dietary saturated fatty acids and increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids, greatly promoting plant protein and dietary fiber. The intake of healthy nutrients such as vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium can improve the structure and quality of the diet.




2. Processing of peanut protein

(1) Production of low-denaturation peanut protein powder

Peanuts → grading → peeling → low temperature pressing → superfine crushing


The main factor restricting the development of oilseeds into edible protein is the oil-making process. Both the high-temperature pressing method and the solvent extraction method require the pretreatment process to heat the preform up to 130°C, so the defatted oil cannot be further developed into edible protein. The water-soluble oil-making process mainly utilizes the hydrophilic power of protein and the hydrophobic effect of oil. The peanut whose cell structure has been destroyed by mechanical action is used as a medium to form an oil emulsion suspension slurry. After separation, the oil emulsion and protein slurry are obtained. After treatment, a relatively pure oil and protein powder product can be obtained.


Peanut Protein Powder


(2) Organize the production of peanut protein

Low-denaturation peanut protein powder → tempering → extrusion and puffing → cooling


After the protein is pretreated, it is fed into the extruder by the feed, stirring, and the material composed of protein and polysaccharides moves forward by the action of the rotating screw. Through a sleeve, the protein is denatured under the action of high temperature, high pressure and strong shearing force. The highly regular spatial arrangement inside the molecule changes, the secondary bonds in the protein molecule are destroyed, and the peptide bond structure is loose and easy to stretch. In the process of protein denaturation, the protein molecules are arranged in a certain orientation under the effect of directional force. Finally, due to the sudden change of temperature and pressure at the outlet of the texturing machine, the water evaporates sharply, resulting in a certain amount of puffing to form porous texturized protein.




(3) Production of isolated peanut protein

Low-denaturation peanut protein powder → lye extraction → acid precipitation → neutralization → modification → drying


The processing technology is the same as that of soy protein isolate. First, the protein has high solubility in alkaline solution to remove some insoluble macromolecules such as cellulose. Then, the property of isoelectric point protein condensation is used to remove the soluble sugar. Removal of other small molecular substances to obtain a class of protein products with a protein content of> 90%.


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