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How to choose grease machinery and equipment?

September 06, 2021

China has always been a big country in the production and consumption of edible oil. From the early manual oil production to the mechanical oil extraction and refining, oil processing equipment has achieved great development in China. It is expected that the market prospects of oil equipment for a long period of time in the future More broadly, thanks to the huge edible oil demand market, the current investment in edible oil processing is a very good project. The key is to be cautious and reasonable in the purchase of oil equipment.


grease machinery and equipment


Purchasing grease machinery is not as simple as buying vegetables. There are many types, series, and models of grease processing equipment. Inappropriate purchase will affect the later use and profitability. The current grease machinery on the market There are not a few manufacturers, how to choose the best? It is a problem that every user is concerned about. In order to prevent users from making detours, Zhongxing Grease experts suggest that the following points can be used as a starting point for purchase.

1. Type and model of equipment.

When users set up oil mills or oil mills, the types of oils to be processed may be different, the processing technology of different oils is different, and the equipment used is also different. For example, peanuts, sesame, flax, etc. Oils with low oil content, such as rice bran, are suitable for leaching and refining production lines. Users can select specific models according to actual conditions or purchase according to manufacturer's recommendations.

2. It can be compared in terms of technology.

When users inspect equipment manufacturers, each manufacturer will formulate relevant refining plans for users. This is very important. If the manufacturer does not even provide basic refining plans, the equipment will not be guaranteed. Compare and analyze several refining companies. Plan, select more practical manufacturers to cooperate, a good plan not only meets the needs of users, but also the oil equipment can give full play to its due value in the hands of users.

3. Start with quality and structure.

Quality is the basis of purchase and the guarantee for the realization of later profits. Good equipment comes from leading technology, mature production technology, excellent material selection, etc. The rationalization of the structure design not only saves the user’s investment in land costs, but also It is convenient for users to carry out operations, maintenance, repairs, etc., with the convenience of users as the fundamental starting point.

4. Price and service are key factors that should not be underestimated.

The investment in grease equipment is huge. On the one hand, it depends on the quality and performance. On the other hand, it must also take into account the price and service. Under the premise of fully ensuring the quality, the investment cost is reduced, the equipment is cost-effective, the service is timely and thoughtful, and the user is worry-free. The device is the device that the user is willing to buy.

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