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Silybum marianum seed oil processing equipment

September 06, 2021

Silybum marianum seed oil is also called milk thistle seed oil. It is produced by processing the seeds of silybum marianum. Many consumers may be unfamiliar with silybum marianum seed oil. Silybum marianum seed oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, Unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid, as well as some nutrients, have very high edible and nutritional value. They have been active in the nutritional edible oil market in recent years, and the processing prospects are very broad.


Silybum marianum seed oil


The oil content of milk thistle seed is about 20%-35%, and there are more suitable fat processes. In order to retain more original nutrients of milk thistle seed oil, it is also recommended to adopt a greener processing technology-pressing method, especially It is cold-pressed milk thistle seed oil. The market price of 100ml is about one hundred yuan or more. It has great investment value and profit margin. Zhongxing Oil Equipment also recommends that users process milk thistle seed oil from cold-pressed oil.

To squeeze milk thistle seed oil, the user does not know how many tons of output it can produce. It does not matter. Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery has successful experience. Users can make a 5-10T/D milk thistle seed oil squeezing production line. The main oil and fat equipment that needs to be equipped is an oil press And refining equipment, Zhongxing's simple analysis is as follows.


Silybum marianum seed oil


1. The choice of milk thistle seed oil pressing equipment is mainly oil press equipment. For cold pressing oil, cold pressing models alone have a lower oil yield. Zhongxing oil manufacturers recommend users to choose hydraulic oil presses. In conjunction with a screw oil press, the oil is first hydraulically pressed, and the pressed cake is screw pressed again. For an output of 5-10 tons per day, the corresponding pressing equipment model must be selected accordingly.

2. To make nutritious milk thistle seed oil, the pressing process alone is not enough, but also to improve the quality of the refined oil through the refining process. 5-10T/D milk thistle seed oil squeezing equipment, equipped with 1-2T/D refined oil Equipment is enough. Through the impurity removal process of Zhongxing's refinery equipment, the refined oil processed by users is of higher quality, which naturally opens up more sales channels. If Zhongxing Grease Machinery is selected for processing, the user's project profits are guaranteed.

For squeezing milk thistle seed oil, cold pressing milk thistle seed oil, and refined milk thistle seed oil, look for Zhongxing Grain and Oils Machinery. The equipment is highly specialized. Other Zhongxing manufacturers can imitate the equipment, but the successful experience of Zhongxing cannot be learned. Yes, good brands are of course more choices for users. Users are welcome to visit and purchase, please feel free to contact us.