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How to choose hydraulic oil press and screw oil press? Which is better?

September 27, 2021

oil press

The working principle of the screw press

   The main part of the screw press is a press chamber, which is composed of a press cage and a spiral shaft that rotates in the press cage. Its operation process is to use the reduction of the screw lead of the screw shaft or the gradual increase of the diameter of the root circle. After the fried material enters the press chamber, under the effect of the screw thread rotation, the volume of the press chamber is continuously increased. The squeezing effect occurs when it is reduced; the squeezed oil is kneaded out from the gap of the squeezing cage, and the residue is pressed together into crumb-like cakes, which are continuously discharged from the end of the squeezing shaft. Exploitation oil can be broadly divided into three periods, namely the feed (pre-compression) section, the main squeezing (oil output) section, and the cake (heavy pressure and oil drain) section. Gradually push the feeding end toward the cake-out end. Due to the change of the bottom diameter of the screw thread from small to large, the volume of each section in the press chamber is gradually reduced; and because the press screw thread continuously pushes the blank into the press chamber, the pressure of the product is pushed back and tightened. Material embryo, knead out the oil. Adjust the gap of the cake together to change the thickness of the cake. The smaller the gap, the thinner the cake and the greater the pressure in the press chamber. In addition, the material embryo is in a state of motion in the pressing chamber, forming material embryos and rows, garden rows, material embryos and pressing snails, material embryos and material embryos conflict, and generate a lot of heat, making the material embryos in the pressing chamber The temperature rises, so that it is favorable for the oil to flow out of the embryo, which improves the oil yield.

  The advantages of screw oil press compared with hydraulic oil press:

  The equipment investment is small and the processing capacity is high. A machine can process granular oils such as rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, tea seed, etc., so it is also known as a multi-function oil press. The screw press is made of excellent mold steel CR12 after quenching and fine grinding, which ensures at least more than 400,000 jin of oil material, which is tough and durable.

The disadvantage is: because there is a single frying paste in the frying process of the oil, and the equipment is attributed to the dynamic pressure conflict oil production, the oil comes out black and contains high phospholipids, so we need to use the centrifugal oil filter produced by our company. Use fine filtration.


  The working principle of hydraulic oil press:

  Hydraulic sesame oil machine is an oil pressing machine that uses hydraulic oil to transfer pressure through an oil pump. The machine is equipped with temperature control equipment to make the oil output under high pressure and high temperature. According to the driving power of the oil pump, there are two kinds of manual and electric; according to the method of applying pressure to the cake, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Vertical hydraulic oil press

   An oil cylinder is fixed on the base, and a cylindrical piston is installed in the cylinder, and the upper part of the piston is connected with the cake tray as a whole. The blank is pre-pressed into a round cake, the cake ring is covered, and 20 to 40 round cakes are stacked between the cake tray and the top plate. The cake and the cake are separated by a thin backing plate with holes, and the piston is driven to top. When pressure occurs, oil is discharged from the squeezed cake. After squeezing, the oil pump stops pressurizing, the piston falls, and the slag cake is discharged, and the cake is reloaded from the beginning to repeat the intermittent oil extraction. Each squeezing takes about 2 to 5 hours. When the electric oil pump is used, a circulating oil circuit system can be formed, and several hydraulic oil presses can be operated together. The structure and operating principle of the horizontal hydraulic oil press are basically the same as that of the vertical type. The equipment is convenient, the oil flows smoothly, and there is no oil accumulation on the oil cake ring; but it occupies a large area and needs to be equipped with heavy hammers and pulleys for de-pressing. Or screw mechanism. The hydraulic oil press has high pressure, high oil output rate at one time, few moving parts and convenient maintenance; but the labor intensity of loading and unloading of the cake is also relatively large.

   Advantages of hydraulic oil press compared with screw press:

The high-efficiency and energy-saving oil press is a combination of traditional pressing principles and modern technology. Compared with general oil presses, it has high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, high added value of goods, no loss, no noise, physical pressing does not require heating, and does not add any chemical raw materials. , No need to clean oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life. The biggest advantage of hydraulic oil press is that the equipment pressure is static pressure, there is little mechanical conflict between the oil and the oil is very clear, and it can be eaten directly without any treatment, which is convenient and safe. It is believed that the equipment has high pressure and high temperature to squeeze oil, and almost all the oil that can produce oil can be squeezed.

  The disadvantage is that the oil yield is relatively low, the single function is small, the oil is complicated in the pre-pressing process, it needs to be broken, steamed and fried, and the equipment is large and the area is large. The production cost is high, the equipment investment is large, and the output value is small. So it is usually used to squeeze high-grade oil.

   If it is mainly to exploit peanuts, soybeans, sesame, and rapeseed, it is still recommended to use a screw press. After all, the screw oil press is productive, labor-saving, high-pressure, and high-oil output. It can also form a production line, which can be operated by one person in the small oil workshop.