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Several matters needing attention when using sesame oil press

September 27, 2021

The sesame oil press occupies a small area, saves electricity, and the cake quality is good. It is the best equipment for squeezing sesame oil. It mainly squeezes raw materials such as sesame, walnut and flax. The machine has a high oil output rate and is easy to use. Load 6-8 kg at a time and squeeze it out in about 8-10 minutes. It is the machine of choice for households and sesame oil workshops.

 Hydraulic Oil Press

 Inspection and debugging

   1. Test the pressure of the machine, use 1.25 times the normal working pressure, check that the piston extends to the maximum working stroke, stabilize the pressure for 15 minutes, and the pressure gauge reading should not exceed 4% of the test pressure. All oil circuits should No leakage; after the pressure is relieved, the pointer of the pressure gauge returns to the '0' position, the parts should be undamaged, the lever must not be deformed, and the moving parts have no hysteresis.

  2. Before the oil pump test, add clean mechanical oil or vegetable oil to the oil tank, press the handle up and down to see if the piston of the oil press rises. If the piston does not rise or it does not take much effort when the handle is pressed, check the valves of the fuel tank and remove the air in the pipeline.

    3. Reliability test of the safety valve, the safety valve is transferred to the working pressure (upper left + 5, lower left + 1) MPa, continuously tested for 5 times, the needle valve switch is sensitive, and the reading should not be lower than the rated value after each pressure gauge tripping. pressure.



  1. When the machine is shut down for a long time, the machine should be cleaned, oiled, and covered with a protective cover.

  2. The pressure oil on the oil pump needs to be filtered and the concentration should not be too high. Vegetable oil is best. It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene and other flammable fuels.

  3. The pin shaft connecting the oil pump and the handle should be lubricated frequently to reduce wear.

  4. The sesame oil press should be used indoors as much as possible to avoid wind and sun, which may cause edible oil pollution.

    5. Keep the fuel tank clean. Clean the fuel tank for about three months and replace it with new oil, or take it out of the tank and filter it before use. Impurities in the oil will wear out the oil pump, block the oil circuit, and affect the performance of the machine.



 According to different raw materials

    1. When pressing, lower the top plate to the lowest position, loosen the tie rod nut, pull out the two movable pins, and turn the movable tie rod on one side. After the material cake enters the pressing and boring, the movable pull rod is returned to the original position, firstly, it is pre-pressed until the oil is seen, the piston is reset, and the remaining material cake is loaded into the machine for formal pressing.

    2. Adjust the squeezing temperature and moisture of the cake base according to different oils.

    3. When pressing, the handle should be pressed frequently and the force must be even. Excessive force is forbidden, otherwise accidents will easily occur.

  4. Open the oil return valve, the oil will automatically flow back to the oil tank, the piston will automatically fall back to its original position, and then the pressure can be relieved.

  5. If it is found that the pointer of the pressure gauge cannot return to zero during work, it should be inspected, repaired or replaced in time.

  6. When squeezing high-oil crops, use a low-pressure pump for the first time, and switch to a high-pressure pump after the oil is discharged.