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Oil press-how to use centrifugal oil filter correctly

September 27, 2021

In the previous article, I introduced to you the equipment of the oil press-the style of the oil filter. Today I will share with you the centrifugal oil filter equipment. Many people do not understand how to use the centrifugal oil filter to achieve the best effect. Today Summarize the six oil filter use skills, allowing you to quickly master the centrifugal oil filter.

 Oil filter

      1. Add the hot crude oil that has been squeezed by the screw press into 1-1.5% of hot salt water and stir fully (the purpose is to dephosphorize, because phosphorus can cause osteoporosis and other diseases to the human body, so the national oil standard The first item is the limit of the index content of phosphorus, H2O. NaCl (brine) and phosphorus P produce a chemical reaction to form heavy salts Na2PO5 (sodium phosphate) and H2↑ (hydrogen)).


       2. Add salt water to make the fine particles absorb moisture and become heavier.


       3. Turn on the power of the centrifugal oil filter.


       4. Then add the salted crude oil.


         5. The crude oil flows from the flow pipe of the oil hopper through the hollow shaft at the upper end of the centrifuge to the nylon disc at the bottom of the drum. The small disc quickly distributes the crude oil evenly to the inner wall of the drum. The strong centrifugal force generated by the drum separates solid and liquid with different weights.


       6. Turn off the power for 2-3 minutes after the crude oil is added, and the net oil will automatically flow out after the drum stops gradually to achieve the purpose of fine filtration. It only takes 5-6 minutes before and after, and the filtration capacity is 250-350 kg of oil per hour.


       Precautions: The use of centrifugal oil filter must be prefabricated concrete foundation, anchor bolts should be pre-embedded according to the distance of the three anchor bolt holes, the prefabricated concrete surface should be level, the prefabricated surface and the foot of the oil filter equipment A rubber anti-vibration pad should be added in the middle so that the machine can work safely and smoothly.