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How to choose oil processing equipment?

September 28, 2021

Purchasing oil processing equipment is a key link of oil engineering projects, and it is also the foundation of oil engineering projects. The selection of oil processing equipment is directly related to the later operation and profit of the entire oil engineering project. Therefore, users who invest in grease engineering projects should pay enough attention to the purchase of grease processing equipment. So, what factors should be considered when choosing oil processing equipment? The following are some suggestions given by grease equipment manufacturers for the purchase of grease processing equipment.

 oil processing equipment

How to choose oil processing equipment?

1. At first look at the scale of processing.

Oil plants also have large and small, small-scale mobile processing or appear in the form of oil press, large-scale such as oil processing plants. Different oil plant scales have different types of oil processing equipment. The oil processing equipment recommended by small oil factories or oil mills is an oil press. The main equipment recommended by large oil factories is oil pressing equipment, oil extraction equipment and oil refining equipment, which can be purchased according to actual conditions.

2. Look at the processing materials.

Different processing materials, the oil processing equipment used will also be different. For example, for processing sesame oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, etc., hydraulic oil press is recommended, and for processing peanut oil, rapeseed oil, screw press is recommended. Soybean oil, rice bran oil and other oils with low oil yield, it is recommended to use oil extraction and refining equipment. The selection of oil processing equipment is very important.

3. Look at the investment situation.

The economic strength of each user is different, and the size of the oil engineering project invested is different. If the user considers preliminary investment or insufficient investment funds, he can start with the oil press first, and the investment is small and the return is fast. If the funds are strong, a large oil plant can be built. Considering oil leaching and refining equipment, the investment scale is large, the production volume is large, the operating cost is low, and the relative profit is also much higher.

When purchasing oil processing equipment, users can choose three to five strong oil equipment manufacturers to conduct actual inspections and comprehensively compare the specific performance of the oil processing equipment from the aspects of enterprise scale, production capacity, and technical level. The performance has been further understood, and the equipment with high quality and low price has been selected comprehensively.