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How to clean up the palm oil press after use?

September 15, 2021

palm oil press

Palm oil press is already a popular project nowadays. Palm oil press is more common and common in Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries and regions. Why do so many people tend to choose palm oil press? Where's the machine? Because the palm oil press is more scientific in its pressing method, its oil yield is high, and the operation is simple, it has a good reputation in the oil press market. However, after using the newly purchased palm oil press for a period of time, dust will inevitably fall. The palm oil press is a machine that produces people's edible oil. Of course, the cleaning problem cannot be neglected. Let me teach you how to clean the oily dirt of the palm oil press.

1. Exterior cleaning of palm oil press:

The grease on the exterior of the palm oil press can be cleaned with detergent, but it needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will become dust over time and it will be difficult to clean. No difficulty.


2. Cleaning inside the palm oil press:

If you want to clean the inside of the press chamber thoroughly, it is also very convenient. You can choose some low-cost oil crops and let the press work for a while.


3. Oil filter cleaning of palm oil press:

The cleaning of the oil filter is an important part of the daily cleaning work. The oil filter is prone to grease stains if it is exposed to crude oil for a long time. When cleaning the vacuum oil filter, pay attention to cleaning the inner wall of the oil drum and the outside of the oil drum. The filter cloth should be cleaned. Fine cleaning, in order to obtain a better oil filtering effect, the filter cloth needs to be replaced frequently.


The palm oil press needs to be cleaned after use. Do not underestimate the cleaning process. The benefits of cleaning the palm oil press may not be apparent in a short time, but after a long time you will find that the palm oil press that is frequently cleaned is significantly better than The uncleaned palm oil press has high working efficiency and long service life.