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How to deal with the downtime of the screw press

September 18, 2021

the screw press

When using the screw press, there will be downtime. How should we deal with such an emergency?

1. If the oil press is out of power for 30-40 minutes, there is no need to disassemble the machine. After the power is received, the oil press can directly work.

2. If the oil press is out of power for more than 40 minutes, the machine must be disassembled to make the oil press work normally. Specific method: First, the squeezing cage needs to be disassembled, the round row is loosened, the squeezing screw shaft is extracted, and the crops in the hopper are cleaned up, and finally the cakes are poured out and reinstalled on the machine. At this time, The machine can operate normally.

3. When the oil press is shut down due to power failure or other reasons, first cut off the power supply. Pull out the discharging baffle to discharge the blanks. Then turn the big triangle belt pulley by hand to withdraw from the screw shaft. If the screw shaft cannot be retracted, you cannot use more than one person to pull the big triangle belt pulley. Instead, loosen the compression nut, remove the upper squeezing cage, and try to loosen the squeezing ring (pour the squeezing ring with hot water to soften the peanut oil press The raw material or dry cake in the chamber). Then draw out the screw shaft and clean the press chamber of the oil press, and it is not allowed to start the machine without cleaning.

4. Sudden power failure of the oil press, please remember: do not reverse the machine, this operation will seriously damage the life of the machine, even if the machine is not damaged at the time of the fluke operation, it will be affected for a long time.

5. Remember to clean the machine before running the machine, and do not start the machine without cleaning.

6. When the oil press is powered on again, the snails need to be pressed forwards and backwards many times to take out the residue in the press chamber to avoid staying, and then work normally again.