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Factors affecting the aroma of peanut oil

September 18, 2021

peanut oil

Peanut oil is the most common kind of edible oil. Its oil taste is pure, healthy and high in nutritional value. However, many customers report that the peanut oil is not fragrant or the fragrance is too weak. In fact, there are many factors that cause the peanut oil to be unscented, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The impact of peanut raw materials on the oil taste, good oil and good materials, there is no doubt that the peanut oil must have full grains and have not passed the aging period, so that the best effect can be achieved when using a peanut oil press .

2. Oil processing, processing peanuts is a technical job. Before the peanuts enter the oil press, the control of the moisture content and temperature of the peanut kernels are the reasons that directly affect the oil yield and oil taste of the peanuts. Raw materials and hot-air baking materials are generally mastered at 3:1. If the proportion of roasting ingredients is too small, the peanut oil has a weaker aroma and the oil yield is low; if the proportion is too large, the cake will be difficult to form during oil extraction, the oil yield will be reduced, and the crude oil will become turbid, making subsequent processing more difficult.

3. The temperature is too low or too high to affect the oil taste. Stir-frying is an important step in the production of peanut special oil. The aroma of peanut oil is directly related to the roasting temperature. When the oil press is squeezing peanut kernels, the temperature is too low and the fragrance is weak; the temperature is too high, the oil is easy to burn. Generally control the baking temperature 180℃~200℃. In order to prevent the oil from gelatinization and spontaneous combustion, the heat should be dissipated and cooled immediately after roasting.

4. The influence of the steaming and frying link. When the peanut oil press squeezes the fried peanuts, the peanuts must be steamed and fried first, which is another important link in the production of fragrant peanut oil. Peanut oil yield, flavor and color, content of phospholipids and peptic components are directly related to steaming and frying.