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How to produce sunflower oil? What is the production process of sunflower oil?

September 18, 2021

There are two common types of sunflower seeds: edible sunflower and oil sunflower. Among them, the oil content of oil sunflower is about 45-50%, which belongs to the oil crop with high oil content, and is often used as a raw material for the production of sunflower oil. How to produce sunflower oil? What is the production process of sunflower oil? This is a question that manufacturers preparing to produce sunflower oil urgently need to understand, so just read this article to find the answer.

 sunflower oil

There are two processes for producing sunflower oil: pressing process and leaching process. The pressing process is to produce sunflower oil from sunflower seeds by mechanical extrusion, and the leaching process is to produce sunflower oil from sunflower seed cake using the principle of the compatibility of oils and solvents. The sunflower oil production process is different due to the different process methods.

1. Production process of sunflower oil by pressing method

According to the amount of sunflower seed processed per day, the process of producing sunflower oil by the pressing method is divided into two types: simple and complex. If the daily processing capacity of sunflower seeds is less than 10 tons, then only steaming and squeezing can be used to obtain pressed sunflower oil. If the daily processing capacity of sunflower seeds is more than 10 tons, the process of producing sunflower oil is more complicated, including pretreatment, pre-pressing, and pressing. The pretreatment part includes cleaning, peeling, embryo rolling and steaming, etc. The main purpose is to remove impurities in sunflower seeds, adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of sunflower seeds, so as to improve the production efficiency of sunflower oil, and at the same time pretreatment It can also avoid equipment loss and increase the service life of the equipment. After pretreatment, two processes are required: pre-pressing and pressing. The reason for pressing twice is because the oil content of sunflower seeds is higher. Two pressings can get more sunflower oil. After squeezing, the residual oil rate in sunflower seed meal is about 7%. 

Sunflower seed oil press

According to the current national edible oil standards, the pressed sunflower oil can be used directly. If you want to continue to improve the quality and value of sunflower oil, you can also perform dewaxing treatment to remove the wax in sunflower oil. You can choose the specific sunflower oil production process according to your personal needs.

2. The process of producing sunflower oil by leaching method

If the daily processing capacity of sunflower seeds is more than 20 tons, Henan Zhongxing recommends that you choose the extraction method to produce sunflower oil, which can reduce oil loss and obtain more sunflower oil and profit income. The process of leaching sunflower oil production includes four parts: pretreatment, pre-pressing, leaching and refining. The role of pretreatment is also to improve the efficiency of sunflower oil production. Because of the high oil content of sunflower seeds, the sunflower seeds are pre-pressed, a part of the sunflower oil is taken out, and then the sunflower seed meal is transported into the extraction workshop.

The leaching process is an important step in the process of producing sunflower oil by leaching, and its purpose is to extract sunflower oil from the cake. The sunflower oil extraction process includes four steps, sunflower oil extraction, wet meal desolventization, mixed oil treatment and solvent recovery. Because the leaching workshop is fully enclosed, and the sunflower oil leaching process is also highly automated, there is no obvious sequence for these four steps. They form a cyclic system in the leaching workshop. After leaching, the residual oil rate in sunflower seed meal is less than 1%, which is why most customers choose the leaching method to produce sunflower oil.

Leaching workshop

The leached wool sunflower oil and the pre-pressed wool sunflower oil are sent to the sunflower oil refining workshop to remove various impurities in the sunflower oil, so as to obtain sunflower oil that meets the national standards. The refining process of sunflower oil includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. In order to obtain high-quality sunflower oil, many sunflower oil manufacturers will also choose sunflower oil dewaxing equipment for further processing.

Are you now clear about how to produce sunflower oil and what is the process of sunflower oil production? Do you also have your own sunflower oil production plan? If you need to find an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer of sunflower oil production equipment, you can contact Henan Zhongxing. Henan Zhongxing not only has an experienced team of engineers to customize the quotation of sunflower oil production equipment, but also has its own equipment production plant to provide quality-guaranteed sunflower oil production equipment. With Henan Zhongxing, your sunflower oil production project will proceed more smoothly, and we look forward to cooperating with you.